15 best Covid-19 vaccination card holders

(CNN) – Proof of vaccination against Covid-19 is now a way of life. It is required in many places in the United States, including many employers and schools.

“The context here is that we are seeing more and more vaccination mandates, both in the private and public sphere, but also in the ability of people to access certain places, whether they are restaurants, movies or concerts, ”says Dr. William Moss, Executive Director. from the Johns Hopkins University International Vaccine Access Center.

Companies do this to ensure the safety of their workers. As Moss says, “They want to make sure when they bring people together, whether it’s in the workplace or in a retail store, that they’re protecting public health. And so they ask for documentation of an immunization status to reduce the risk of [Covid-19] transmission in their environment.


As proof of vaccination is required in more places, some people laminate their cards, but Moss explains that this will make it difficult to update your card if you get a reminder. “I think everything should be documented on the same card. This is the easiest way to do it. And obviously, if you laminate it, you can’t add it, ”he says.

Instead, he suggests having a card holder. “With the current cards we have, a clear plastic backing, but not a laminate. And then if you get a booster, there’s room on the back of the card to write them down.

Based on this information, we have found highly rated vaccination card holders who will help protect your card from damage and keep it safe and easier to find.

Cobakuey Covid Vaccination Card Protector

Want to keep it super simple? Simply slip your card into this waterproof transparent protector, seal the top and keep it in your purse or pocket. They come in packs of three, five, 10, 20, and even 50, so you’ll have them for the whole family (and probably a few backups).

Sokurdeg CDC Covid Vaccination Card Protector with Lanyard

This vaccination card holder is available in five colors – blue, green, red, yellow and pastel blue – and is transparent on both sides. It comes with a matching drawstring, so you can wear it around your neck if you are traveling.

Combo Tigari Passport and Vaccine Card Holder

If you are planning to travel, especially abroad, this simple passport holder has space for your vaccination card, which you will probably need. Available in nine colors, with reinforced stitching, this card holder is perfect for keeping your documents safe and organized.

HenneysBoutique vaccination passport holder

Available in 11 rich colors, this genuine leather passport holder is as simple as it gets, with slots for your passport and a clear pocket for your vaccination card. Critics love it.

ACdream passport and combined vaccine carrier

Another passport and vaccination card holder, but this version comes with a pen, RFID blocking, and slots for your credit cards and cash, making it a great travel accessory. It is available in 13 colors.

FairyDustDecals Protective Cover for Covid-19 Vaccine Card

This simple plastic sleeve lets the world know you’ve been vaccinated before you even show your card, with a cute graphic of a bandage and a check mark.

QueentopazCreations Rifle Paper Co Vaccination Card Holder

If you want your vaccination record to be as girly as possible, take a look at these Rifle Paper Co.

Passport Holder Cover Wallet Denied Access

This faux leather passport holder with RFID blocking (to prevent electronic pick-pocketing) is the perfect companion on the go, with three credit card slots, one window for your vax card, one slot for your credit card. boarding and space for your passport.

FamiliarPaws Leather Vaccination Card Holder with Key Ring

Do you like a monogram? These sleek leather card holders are really eye-catching, raved one reviewer, who wrote: “This is exactly what I needed and it is so beautiful!” The front is clear and you can have your initials added on the back for a few dollars more.

EricScottLeathers Leather Vaccination Passport Holder With Monogram

This vaccination card holder and genuine leather passport holder can be monogrammed with an initial and is available in 10 cool colors.

Personalized EvtodiCom passport holder with CDC holder

Another personalized option, available in over a dozen colors, with options for cute sayings and your name, this holder will keep your card safe in style.

PelleatherDesign Custom Vaccine Coverage

Made from thick and soft natural leather, this personalized blanket is one of the best selling vaccine carriers on Etsy. Available in nine colors, the covers are in waxed leather, which gives them a matte appearance. You can add your initials in silver or gold.

Mugwump vaccination card holder

These adorable travel-themed card holders feature taxis, sailboats and cars on the outside, and gingham patterns on the inside. If we have to wear a vax card, why not keep it cute, right?

StudioPineapple Vaccine Card Holder

This best-selling card holder sets the mood for the Lisa Frank sticker collection, with light-reflecting holographic material protecting your card. It is also very practical, with an o-ring and a clasp, so you can hang it on your purse or backpack for easy access.


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