17 celebrity facts that seem fake, but are true

James Cameron almost did jurassic park and it would have had dinosaurs AND aliens. LOL.


Brad Pitt purposely had pieces of his front teeth chipped for his role in fight club.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Brad Pitt had “undertaken a decidedly unsexy form of method acting by purposely chipping off pieces of his front teeth”. He apparently visited a dentist to have the job done. “Brad is willing to go to great lengths for a character,” Pitt’s publicist Cindy Guagenti said at the time.


Melanie Griffith grew up with pet lions, like this one she snuggled up in her bed with the name Neil.

Michael Rougier / Michael Rougier/The LIFE Picture Collection/Shutterstock

The lions actually belonged to Melanie’s mother, actress Tippi Hedren, who still owns a lot of them today! According to W magazine, “Hedren lived with exotic felines in her home, alongside her husband and children, in the 1970s. She began rescuing them in 1972, and in 1983 founded the Roar Foundation, whose the mission is to educate the public about the dangers of private ownership of exotic animals.” ” Hedren ultimately said in a memoir that it was “stupid beyond belief” to let the big cats “roam free.” in the house”. Today, the big cats all live in “huge compounds” according to granddaughter Dakota Johnson.


Suzanne Somers was fired from company of three for asking for a salary equal to that of her male partner, John Ritter, who earned five times his salary.

DLT Entertainment / Courtesy of Everett Collection

According to People, “In 1980, after four seasons on ABC’s Emmy-winning comedy series, the 73-year-old actress and entrepreneur was fired after demanding a pay raise from $30,000 per episode to $150,000. per episode, which was tied with her male co-star, John Ritter. The show’s response was, “Who do you think you are? John Ritter is the star,” Somers said.


Michael Jackson did not invent the Moonwalk.

According to ABC News, “Pro dancer Derek ‘Cooley’ Jaxson says he was one of the people who showed Jackson how to do the ‘moonwalk,’ which he says was based on a different move called ‘the backslide. ‘”.

In fact, here’s a video of Bill Bailey (who is often credited with initiating the move) doing the “throwback” to 1955 (skip to 2:03 to see the fancy footwork):

Watch this video on YouTube

SuperGold 70 / The Apollo / Via youtube.com

Copyright © 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved. /Courtesy Everett Collection, Cbs Photo Archive/CBS via Getty Images

According to Today, “Parton founded Sandollar Entertainment with her friend and business partner, Sandy Gallin, in 1986. The production company is listed as a producer of buffy the vampire slayer [on] IMDb. Sandollar Entertainment also worked on the 1992 original buffy the vampire slayerr movie.”

Also, fun fact, “Later, when Parton learned that (then executive producer) Gail Berman had received less royalties from buffy the vampire slayer than her male counterparts, Parton took her out to lunch and handed her a check to ensure she was paid the same, Berman told The New York Times in 2016.


Before being famous, Steve Martin was on the game show The dating game and actually won three times.

Prior to his breakthrough career on Saturday Night LiveMartin was a writer for the show The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in the late 1960s. In an interview with Los Angeles Magazine, he said, “While I was on that show, I was a contestant on The dating game thrice. I was chosen three times. Three for three. I won a trip to see Wayne Newton perform at Melodyland, I won a trip to Tijuana for the bullfights, and then the biggest thing is I won a trip to Portofino, Italy, with Deana Martin, Dean Martin’s daughter.”


Frances McDormand was actually born Cynthia Ann Smith.

Cbs/CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

According to the New York Times, McDormand was adopted when he was one year old, by Noreen and Vernon McDormand. Vernon was a pastor, and McDormand’s biological mother was “as far as we know” a young woman from her parish. The Vernons changed McDormand’s name from Cynthia to Frances.


Mick Jagger sings uncredited backing vocals in Carly Simon’s iconic 1972 hit “You’re So Vain.”

Robert Knight/Redferns Archive, Michael Putland/Getty Images

According to Entertainment Weekly, “Jagger contributed uncredited backing vocals to Simon’s 1972 hit ‘You’re So Vain’. In his 2015 memoir Boys in the treesSimon revealed that the two actually recorded another song on the same day as their ‘You’re So Vain’ session.” This ‘long-lost’ duo was recently unearthed and, according to The Associated Press, was called ” Brittle “.

Listen to “You’re So Vain” here to see if you can hear Jagger’s voice (once you hear it, you can’t hear it again!):

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Carly Simon / Elektra / Asylum Records / Via youtube.com


Jim Carrey was the first actor to have three direct number one movies in the same year.

New line, Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

The year was 1994 and the movies released were The mask, Ace Ventura: animal detectiveand Stupid and dumberover a period of 11 months.


Famous radio personality Casey Kasem was the original voice of Shaggy on Scooby-Doo, where are you? from 1969 to 1995. He was also a vegan and left the show in 1995 when asked to voice Shaggy for a Burger King commercial.

Jean-Paul Aussenard / WireImage

According to Business insider, “In 1995, he was asked to portray Shaggy in a Burger King commercial. Kasem was unimpressed. Refusing to promote a brand that sold burgers, not only did he not want to do the commercial, but he has left the show entirely and a role he had played for decades.”

Kasem eventually returned to the show in 2002, but only after the show’s producers agreed to make Shaggy a vegan.

Although best known as an action movie star, Bruce Willis actually had a brief career as a musician.

Bruno’s return was Willis’ first studio album, released by Motown Records in 1987. Check out this video of Bruce singing live:

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Motown Records / Via youtube.com


James Cameron almost did jurassic parkand his version would have been MUCH darker.

20thcentfox / ©20thCentFox/courtesy Everett Collection, Universal / ©Universal/courtesy Everett Collection

In an interview with the Huffington Post UK, Cameron said: “I tried to buy the rights to the book and it [Steven Spielberg] beat me by a few hours. But when I saw the film, I realized that I was not the right person to make the film, it was him. Because he made a dinosaur movie for kids, and mine would have been aliens with dinosaurs, and that wouldn’t have been fair. Dinosaurs are for 8 year olds. We can all enjoy it too, but kids have dinosaurs and they shouldn’t have been excluded for that. His sensitivity was good for this film, I would have gone further, meaner, much meaner.”


Famous 1920s jazz pianist Fats Waller has been kidnapped by Chicago gangsters for Al Capone’s birthday party.

Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Archive

According to the Independent, Waller had left his native New York to play in Chicago for a few gigs. The account says: “One evening, Fats felt a gun shove his stomach. He found himself being bullied into a black limo and heard the driver order East Cicero. [They arrived] in a fancy living room and they just pushed him to a piano and told him to play. He played. [There was] applause from a burly man with an unmistakable scar. Al Capone was celebrating his birthday, and he, Fats, was a present from the ‘boys’.”


Laurence Fishburne was only 14 when he started working on Revelation now in 1979. He lied about his age to land the role.

myCinema/courtesy Everett Collection

Fishburne’s character, Tyrone “Mr. Clean” Miller, is actually 17 years old in the film. However, according to Screenrant, “Fishburne told CBC he lied about his age in his interview for the role, telling Coppola he was 16 when he was actually two years younger.” To be fair, the movie took over two years to make, so by the time her work was done, Fishburne was finally her character’s age.


This impressive basketball shot that Sigourney Weaver makes in alien resurrection was real, not CGI.

According to Den of Geek, Weaver had practiced and practiced for two weeks with then-basketball star Nigel Miguel. She wrote in a diary at the time: “By the time we are ready to shoot, my average on the shot [was] a basket for six tries. On the same day, however, director Jean-Pierre Jeunet decided he wanted the shot to happen much further and said that if she couldn’t make it happen, they would fix it with visual effects. After a few missed shots and more practice, Weaver finally got the shot. Jeunet, however, lamented: “The ball left the frame. So everyone will think we cheated on him, even if we didn’t.”


Tom Cruise’s first cousin is actor William Mapother, aka Ethan of Lost.

Neil Mockford / FilmMagic, ABC / ©ABC/courtesy Everett Collection

Tom’s birth name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV. According to Entertainment Weekly, their fathers were brothers.


And lastly, it’s really random, and something you may never have noticed in all these years, but Bob Ross was actually missing a finger (on his hand/left hand).

Acey Harper/Getty Images, PBS

According to Good Housekeeping, “As a teenager, working as a carpenter with his dad, his left index finger was a casualty of the job. But, since he was holding the palette with his left hand to paint, you have to look carefully. close to identify the.”

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