25 missing after shipwreck in Indonesia

MAKASSAR (INDONESIA): Indonesian rescue workers were searching for 25 people missing after a cargo ship sank in the Makassar Strait in South Sulawesi province, officials said on Sunday.
A total of 42 people were on board the boat when it sank in bad weather on Thursday morning while en route from a seaport in Makassar to Kalmas Island in Pangkep regency, Djunaidi said, the head of the provincial search and rescue agency. Like many Indonesians, Djunaidi has only one name.
Seventeen people were then rescued, some of them by two tugs which were at sea at the time of the incident.
Djunaidi said the search and rescue agency received new information about the location of the sunken boat on Saturday and dispatched crews to the area.
Two motorboats and a search and rescue boat, along with local fishing boats and Indonesian Air Force helicopters, are involved in the search for the missing passengers.
The sunken vessel was initially said to be a passenger ferry, but Djunaidi later clarified that it was a freighter carrying building materials.
Thirty-six passengers had asked to board the boat and there were six crew members.
Ferry tragedies are common in Indonesia, an archipelago of more than 17,000 islands, where ferries are often used as transport and safety rules can become lax.
In 2018, an overcrowded ferry with around 200 people on board sank in a deep volcanic crater lake in the North Sumatra province, killing 167 people.
In one of the country’s worst recorded disasters, an overloaded passenger ship sank in February 1999 with 332 people on board. There were only 20 survivors.

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