8 Things About Vancouver We Love So Much We’ll Never Move to Toronto

This is a first person experiential play written by a staff member of Daily Hive.

We love the cities of Canada. Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto all hold a special place in our hearts.

Although we won’t go into which Canadian city is the BEST, there has been some discussion around the Daily Hive office about what exactly is is the difference between Vancouver and Toronto.

As a lifelong Vancouverite, I’m definitely biased, and while Toronto has some enviable traits, there are more than a few reasons why people like me will never move east.

Here are some of the things we love so much about Vancouver that moving to Toronto would be heartbreaking:

1. Coffee

As a Vancouverite, Toronto coffee is pretty much undrinkable. I didn’t realize Vancouver’s coffee culture was so unmatched until I tried drinking coffee in other cities.

What are you do? Real question.

Toronto absolutely needs to step up its game to attract coffee lovers to the city.

More proof: Vancouver’s Best Coffee Shops You Must Try At Least Once

2. Traffic

Toronto traffic is pretty boring. Vancouver is unique in that there are no proper freeways in the city. This can sometimes be a double-edged sword, but for the most part it means that Vancouver’s “traffic” is much easier to manage than Toronto’s.

More proof: Vancouver has the least dangerous drivers in Canada: survey

3. Walkability

Vancouver is very walkable, while Toronto is more sprawling and less walkable. You can’t walk from Roncesvalles to Leslieville in Toronto, but you can walk fairly easily from Commercial Drive to Kitsilano. Also, while the PATH is great for protection from rain, wind and snow, we would much prefer our 28km long dyke.

More proof: Vancouver ranked Canada’s most walkable city

4. Summer time

Summer in Vancouver is better than summer in Toronto. Apart from last year’s abnormal heat wave, almost every summer day is pleasant in Vancouver. It’s not as hot or as humid as Toronto, and the cool Pacific breeze is really nice.

On the other hand, Toronto is better equipped with air conditioning, while Vancouver is not.

But, if you’re going to spend summer evenings watching the sunset on the beach, Vancity takes the cake.

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5. Cycling

Vancouver is a biking paradise compared to Toronto, as long as you don’t mind the hills. These streetcar lanes have claimed the lives of many cyclists over the years, and new bike lanes are constantly popping up in Vancouver, making it increasingly easier to navigate as a cyclist.

More proof: 10 Awesome Bike Routes to Explore in Metro Vancouver

6. Water

No shade in Toronto because you literally drink tap water in any city but Vancouver and her will be disappoint.

Our drinking water comes from the Capilano, Seymour and Coquitlam reservoirs. Every time I look north, I can see the mountain snowpack soon to melt in my glass. It doesn’t get cooler than that!

More proof: pH and alkalinity of Metro Vancouver drinking water will increase this spring


Speaking of mountains…not only is Vancouver closer to nature than Toronto, but the city has integrated nature better into its design and way of life. Vancouver has more and greener parks and grassier and shaded tree-lined streets compared to Toronto.

More proof: 28 easy-to-explore trails in Metro Vancouver

8. Sushi

For Vancouver, sushi is part of our lifestyle. Outside of Japan, I’m sure no one else eats as much sushi as we do. And Toronto doesn’t offer the variety we dream of as Vancouverites.

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