‘A battle scene’: Destroyed Citi Bike dock in East Harlem

An East Harlem Citi Bike station was partially destroyed on Sunday, and officials in the blue bike-sharing outfit had to take the stop out of service for repairs.

A local cyclist found the station on 2nd Avenue at East 99 An East Harlem Citi bike station was partially destroyed on Sunday and blue bike share program officials had to take the stop out of service for repairs. th Street a wreck on Sunday morning, May 1, with five mutilated bicycles evicted from their docks.

“It was definitely a battle scene,” said the resident, who went by the name Joe.

The Harlemite came across the debris around 9.30am and posted pictures of it on Twitter alerting Citi Bike.

“I’ve seen other random Citi bikes around town defaced,” Joe said, “but I’ve never seen such wreckage.”

The Uptown resident said he looked like a driver had rammed into a car in the station, dislodging the platforms and their bikes. Nearby workmen told him they had found the damage on Sunday morning when they arrived, suggesting the incident had happened overnight.

The scene was relatively quiet and one of the bikes was perfectly balanced upside down with its front wheel still in the slot.

Five of the bikes were smashed, including one that was perfectly upside down.@cosmicamericana via Twitter

The only similar instance the cyclist could recall was an outdoor dining shed that was destroyed several months ago by a driver about 20 blocks south on 2nd Avenue.

Police had no records of any accidents during that time and at that location, according to an NYPD spokesperson.

A representative for Lyft, which operates Citi Bike in a public-private partnership with the city, said the dock was out of service until the transit company could clean up the mess.

“We have taken the station offline while our operations team investigates and cleans up the damage,” Colin Wright said in an email. “While we work to bring the station back online, four stations are available nearby.”

The spokesperson could not say how much the repair will cost the company or the city, when the dock will be operational again, or if this kind of incident has happened to Citi Bike before.

“What we can say about it right now is that we are working to fix it and replace it as soon as possible,” added Wright.

The popular program has grown around New York and across the Hudson in New Jersey in recent years amid record attendance during the pandemic bike boom.

Lyft held a press event on Friday unveiling a new model of improved e-bikes that will begin rolling out Thursday, May 5, joining its fleet of some 5,000 two-wheelers.

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