A sense of fear still hangs over the Korean community in Dallas

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Police made an arrest in the Hair World salon shooting last weekbut members of the Korean American community in Dallas say they also want to see long-term solutions.

Jeremy Smith, 36, faces multiple counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Smith allegedly fired several bullets into the Korean barber shop and injured three women.

But even after his arrest, a sense of fear still hangs over the area known as Korea Town.

The Korea Society of Dallas holds a press conference after police arrest a suspect in the Hair World Salon shooting.

Alexis Wainwright/CBSDFW.com

The Korea Society of Dallas held a press conference after the arrest.

“Rather than feeling safer just because the suspect was captured, I think what’s safer is having a watchtower and [police] patrolling cars,” said Jonas Park, board member of the Korean Society of Dallas.

After nearly a week on the run, police arrested Smith. Authorities believe that hatred was a factor.

“Right now it’s a hate issue, a hate crime. I know our community views it as a hate crime,” Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said.

Police said he fired 13 shots into the living room. Seven people were inside at the time and three were hit. The three women who were shot are still recovering.

“Also, today I spoke to one of the victims [and their] family members and they were very happy with the arrest of the suspect,” Park said.

Park was translating the president’s message as they talked about moving forward. The members said they did not want to view this incident as a racial issue.

“Rather than calling it a race issue, we like to think of it as a community issue,” Park said. “And to improve that, we worked with other communities. For example, we had a meeting with the Black Chamber of Commerce.”

Some businesses, including the salon, are still closed. Other nearby businesses opted to close early instead.

There have been increased police patrols and a new security tower, but community leaders want long-term solutions.

“Although we don’t have a concrete solution at this time … we are looking for long-term security solutions, whether indoors or outdoors,” Park said.

In the future, the Korean Society of Dallas hopes to build bridges with other communities. They said they also hoped to start a fundraiser to help the victims.

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