A squirrel escapes away from the field team during a baseball game

A Minor League Baseball game came to a halt after a squirrel spontaneously entered the game and ran around the field on Saturday.

The squirrel, who rushed into former players for the Buffalo Bisons and Columbus Clippers, halted the game as the field crew chased the creature into the outfield.

His words rang true as attempts to close in and chase the squirrel with a bucket and net failed for over a minute.

The squirrel hunt clip also included the distant sounds of the comedy classic “Yakety Sax” played at Clippers Stadium.

You can watch the animal’s hijinks in the field below.

The Bisons, who had lost a run before the Animal took off on the third base line, staged a comeback to win the game 4-2.

The team’s Twitter account called the animal “rally squirrelas they rallied from behind to win.

The rally squirrel isn’t the only animal that has proven to be a lucky charm for a baseball team.

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