Al-Nasr discusses steps to correct path of “Brigadier”

Dubai (Etihad)

The board of directors of the club Al-Nasr confirmed its direct monitoring of the work of the football company within the club, and decided to instruct Mohamed Ahmed Al-Marri, member of the board of directors of the club, to prepare a technical dossier and administrative report on the state of the first football team, provided that the report is presented to the club board for discussion, in addition to highlighting the interest and development of the Football Academy in the coming period as the strategic depth for the return of the “dean” to compete again.
This happened during the first meeting of the club’s board of directors, chaired by Marwan bin Ghalita, and in the presence of Ibrahim Al-Fardan, vice-chairman of the board, and members Abdul Rahman Abu Al-Shawareb, Abdul Razzaq Al-Hashemi, Muhammad Ahmad Al-Marri, Jamal Allah Lootah and Mansour Rahma Al-Falasi, in addition to members of the boards of directors of football companies Football, sports and investment.
At the start of the meeting, Ibn Ghalita conveyed greetings from the club president, Sheikh Rashid bin Hamdan Al Maktoum, president of the Al Nasr club, as well as his directives and wishes for success in the tasks entrusted to them.
For its part, the club’s board of directors appreciated the new mission and the precious trust placed in him by the club president, stressing that his directives and his vision will be the basis of the work of the council, in order to achieve the objective. desired so that the dean remains a pioneer in all fields.
During the meeting, it was highlighted the preparation for a new stage, the review of the means to develop all sectors in Al-Nasr, the commitment to the status of the club and the application of the governance policy of the procedures and financial management.
The council discussed the measures needed to correct the path and return the “brigadier” to his usual position at the top of the sports pyramid in the Emirates, emphasizing diligent work and making sincere efforts in pursuit of the indicators. of highest successes, as everyone is partners in achieving success and reaping achievements in all areas of the club, in a manner befitting the name and prestige of Club Al-Nasr, it satisfies its loyal supporters, and fulfill their hopes, as the happiness of the supporters of the “Brigade” was and still is a top priority for the club’s board of directors.
The board of directors tasked Mansour Rahma Al Falasi, member of the board of directors of the club, to activate and develop the role of the public council of the Al-Nasr club “N45”, under the slogan “Victory is victory. victory of all ”and to stress that“ Al-Ameed Castle ”was and will remain the great home of all its fans and lovers, and its doors will remain open. Always for everyone.
During the meeting, Jamal Abdullah Lootah, Al-Nasr board member, was tasked with preparing a comprehensive report on the club’s asset register and ongoing contracts for support services, and results of the report and recommendations are presented to the Board of Directors.
The first meeting of the club’s board of directors underlined the emphasis placed on activating the governance of the procedures in force within the club and its subsidiaries, and the emphasis placed on institutional commitment to vis the club’s status.


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