Albanian hits out at ‘childish’ LNP website redirect

labor leader Anthony Albanian says the purchase of a website bearing his surname by someone associated with the Liberal National Party is “childish”.

A domain search shows is registered to a “Sam Jackson” and the “Liberal National Party”.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese said the website purchase was “childish”. (Nine)

“This is a test of integrity for Scott Morrison and for the Liberal Party,” Mr Albanese said at a media appearance in Perth today.

“This is an example of something that, frankly, isn’t on.”

Mr Albanese said the act was unlikely to fool any voters.

“I think people should behave in a reasonably adult way,” he said.

“As if someone who is searching for my website, is going to go, ‘Oh, it is the same as the Liberal Party website.'”

The website redirects to the official Liberal Party website. (

Mr Albanese said the act showed a “lack of integrity” on the Liberal Party’s behalf.

“It will also show that this government will continue engaging in scam campaigns, tricks, and misinformation, we will see more of it going forward,” he said.

“I want an election campaign that is based upon ideas for the future.”

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