Alexander Downer says Josh Frydenberg defeat at Kooyong a ‘national mistake’ as he urges Teal to be clear on policies

Former Liberal leader Alexander Downer says it’s a “national mistake” that Josh Frydenberg was ousted and it’s indicative of a country that thinks voting for someone new will change the weather.

Former Liberal leader and Foreign Secretary Alexander Downer claimed Kooyong’s electorate was mistaken in eliminating Josh Frydenberg.

Mr Frydenberg has officially handed over his seat in Melbourne to Climate 200-backed independent Dr Monique Ryan.

In a short video shared on social media on Monday, Mr Frydenberg said he gave “everything” at work every day and was “inspired” by the locals he had met over the years.

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“I have never known anyone to work harder as a local member and as a minister at the same time,” Mr Downer told Sky News Australia’s Chris Kenny.

“It’s beyond me why the people of Kooyong wouldn’t have voted – well, the majority of them – for someone like Josh.”

Mr Downer said his defeat is a reflection on the country.

“It’s up to the public to decide, if they want to elect really wise, sensible, hard-working people because they think somebody else is going to come and change the weather – honestly, it’s a reflection on the country “, did he declare.

“I don’t always think the voters are right and in Kooyong I think they got it badly wrong in eliminating Josh Frydenberg.

“I think it’s a huge national mistake.”

Dr Ryan’s victory comes amid a ‘teal wave’ that has toppled a number of traditionally Liberal seats – typically in affluent areas of Melbourne and Sydney.

Zoe Daniel claimed the neighboring seat of Goldstein formerly held by Tim Wilson.

Allegra Spender beat incumbent Dave Sharma in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and Dr Sophie Scamps beat Jason Falinski at Mackellar on the northern beaches.

In North Sydney, Kylea Tink beat both Liberal Trent Zimmerman and Labor Catherine Renshaw.

As things stand, Kate Chaney appears to have beaten liberal Celia Hammond to Perth’s wealthy Curtin electorate.

The newly elected candidates join Climate-200-funded independent Zali Steggall on the now crowded cross-bench.

Mr Downer said Teal’s climate policies “looked good”, but were unable to explain the associated costs.

“Australia must make a proportionate contribution to this global problem,” he said.

“There is no point in making a disproportionate contribution without gain.

“There would be no net gain to the world if we did that.”

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