Amazon founder calls out president on inflation and corporate taxes – GeekWire

Left: Jeff Bezos (GeekWire Photo/Alan Boyle). Right: President Joe Biden (White House File Photo via Flickr).

Jeff Bezos spent much of Friday tweeting about everything from his criticism of slidedecks to heartfelt remarks about his dad.

But his nightcap drew the most attention, as the Amazon founder took aim at a tweet from President Joe Biden’s account.

Biden’s message suggesting that taxes on corporations such as Amazon can help reduce inflation seemed to get under Bezos’ skin. It is unusual to see the president of Amazon publicly target the administration.

Biden last year specifically called out Amazon during a speech outlining his infrastructure spending plan. He cited a 2019 analysis highlighting 91 Fortune 500 companies that paid no federal income tax in 2018 — “including Amazon,” Biden noted, without mentioning any other companies.

Last year, Amazon reported $2.3 billion in federal tax charges, as part of its total tax contribution.

Elected officials, progressive activists and academics have taken aim at Amazon in the past for apparently paying nothing in federal income taxes. The researchers and reporters came to this conclusion by calculating the tax deferrals and credits that Amazon is eligible for. Federal tax laws also allow the company to delay payment of the invoice.

Senator Bernie Sanders, a frequent critic of Amazon, called Bezos earlier this monthclaiming that he and Amazon pay no federal income tax in any given year.

Last month, President Biden voiced his support for workers when discussing historic unionization at an Amazon warehouse in New York.

Bezos in 2015 tweeted at former President Trump, saying he would reserve the presidential candidate a seat on one of his Blue Origin rockets. He then said the tweet was a mistake.

Last month, Bezos responded to a tweet from Elon Musk about converting Twitter headquarters into a homeless shelter. Musk is buying Twitter for $44 billion.

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