An Incredible Benefit Of Brisk Walking.. Makes You 16 Years Younger | health

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Who among us has not dreamed of discovering the secret of youth? Now scientists may be able to pinpoint the path to it, which is brisk walking. 400,000 people.

And the French newspaper “le parisien” published a report by writer Gill Lombart on a study published in the journal Communications Biology, in which she says that researchers from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom believe that this exercise will give The 56-year-old individual A biological age is 16 years younger than his age.

To reach this surprising conclusion, scientists studied the genetic data of 405,981 Britons, as they specifically measured the so-called ‘telomere’ length of white blood cells, which are the ends of chromosomes that protect other sections, those that contain genes, time-related damage.


As cells divide, these telomeres become shorter and shorter until the cells lose their ability to reproduce. The accumulation of aging cells in the body is thought to contribute to aging and related diseases, so telomere length is a sign of biological age.

The journal said that for the first time, a study has found a clear causal relationship between walking speed and white blood cell telomere length, and therefore age; “The intensity at which vigorous walking is performed may be important for health, regardless of the total duration of the exercise,” said the study’s lead author, Paddy Dempsey.

Brisk walking for only 10 minutes

The researcher suggests that exercising, for example, on the way to the bus stop or on the way to work, moving at a normal pace rather than slowly will also have an effect, as brisk walking corresponds to a speed of more than 4 miles (6.4 kilometers) per hour, slow walking is less than 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) per hour, and the average pace is between the two.

In 2019, researchers from the University of Leicester have already shown that a brisk walk of just 10 minutes a day is linked to a longer life.

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