An outcry and ridicule after revealing the reason for not stopping Putin’s oil purchase, with the statement of the President of the European Commission

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists on social media have released a video clip of European Commission President Ursula von Leer Leyen and the argument she made as to why Europe is not has not stopped buying Russian oil, or what she describes as “Putin’s oil”, which has triggered a wave of irony.

The statement was made by Ursula von Leer Leyen in an interview on MSNBC, where she said, “What we always have to do is strike the right balance between not hurting our economy because it’s our side the strongest against this Russian aggression, Putin’s aggression, and taking the example of oil, what should we be wary of that if we completely and immediately cut off (Russian) oil from today, it will (Putin) may be able to take the oil that he does not sell to the Europe Union on the world market where prices will rise and sell it at a higher price.

And the European official added: “We must be very strategic on how to deal with this problem, and also on the importance of convincing the rest of the world not to dry up its sources”.

She added: “As time goes by, what we are doing is getting rid of the reliance on Russian fossil fuels with the three types and never going back to that again.”

It is reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin said in statements on Tuesday that some European countries cannot give up Russian oil, adding during a meeting on the oil industry: “European countries continue to impose new sanctions in the oil and gas markets, it all leads to inflation, but instead of admitting their mistakes, they’re looking for someone to blame.”

He continued: “Europeans are realizing that they cannot completely abandon Russian energy resources. It is also clear that some EU countries, in which the share of Russian energy is particularly high, will not be able to give up our energy for a long time. “

He said that the decisions taken by the European Union “and the declarations on the complete abandonment of Russian energy sources have already caused an increase in oil prices”.

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