Another downpour before the sun returns

Much of the Houston area was pounded Tuesday with a line of severe thunderstorms sweeping north to south around lunchtime. Loud claps of thunder and straight-line winds reaching 40-50 mph sent humans scattering for cover and dogs hiding under beds (maybe it’s just us).

Usually less than an inch or so of rain fell over the city, but it seemed like more if that counted for anything.

Expect round three (if you count this weekend’s rains) tonight through tomorrow morning as a pretty decent cold front for this time of year passes. Just as we experienced early Sunday morning, we can expect a line of showers and thunderstorms to move into the hours leading up to dawn. A few showers may persist during peak hours, but most of the rain should be over by mid-morning.

The good news – besides the fact that our water bills will be a bit lower this month – is that we’re looking at the barrel of some really nice days with drier conditions and early morning temps in the 60s. Listen, it’s not fall, but it’s better than what’s to come over the next three to four months, so enjoy it, enjoy it.

By the weekend it will start to warm up as the humidity returns, but Thursday and Friday are absolutely spectacular.

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