Artist faces backlash over mural

An artist who received backlash for a mural deemed too graphic asked Wyndham residents to see the artwork in person before forming an opinion.

David Lee Pereira was commissioned by the Wyndham board to paint the Station Lane artwork, Werribee.

Over the past few days, media coverage has described the mural as having phallic overtones.

Pereira said the mural was 110 meters wide, but was judged based on a few bricks.

“It’s kind of sad, because that wasn’t my intention, so seeing the whole mural is a lot more complex and thoughtful, than just being reduced to porn,” he said .

“It’s not meant to be aggressive, it’s quite cheeky and playful, and a celebration of sexuality, gender and community identity and diversity, but none of that story is told” , did he declare.

Pereira said most people haven’t seen the mural yet, and because of its location, down a long, narrow alley, it was best to see it in person.

“I want the focus to be on the intention of the mural and showing it to people and letting them make an informed decision on what they think rather than being told their opinion,” he said. -he declares.

“Every single person that comes out is just like, it’s beautiful, but people are reacting to misinformation online and it’s sad.”

Pereira said much of the backlash he received from not being from Wyndham was “coated with hate.”

“Calling myself someone who is not from here, my family is in Truganina, I have spent all the holidays in this region, I have lived here several times in my life.

“The coding of saying ‘he’s not from here’, I’m from Melbourne, I’m Aussie and my voice is valid.”

Wyndham Council posted a statement on Facebook yesterday (Thursday, May 26) notifying residents that changes would be made to the mural to “address adult themes and community concerns”.

Amid the backlash, many locals spoke out in favor of Pereira’s work.

“It’s beautiful,” Misty Palmer commented in response to the council’s message.

“Let’s normalize all bodies and all shapes, these images are not sexual in nature but in nature.”

Another commenter, Tracey Potatau-Wright, said people making negative comments were “sooks”.

“The so-called ‘offensive’ parts don’t jump out at you…they have to be really researched. Obviously, once you know, you can’t help but see them,” Ms Potatau-Wright said.

“Overall this alley looks vibrant and colorful, gorgeous flowers and insects with just a bit of naughty fun.”

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