“Atheism in Saudi Arabia and the insult to the divine” and its connection with Vision 2030 sparks a controversy between a prince and a Yemeni activist

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A tweet posted by Saudi Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed about questioning the “Nazi Holocaust” in the West has sparked a controversy with Yemeni activist Ali Al-Bakhiti, who based his response on the link between “atheism and abuse of the divine” to the Kingdom Vision 2030.

And the case began with a tweet from the emir, in which he said: “In the West, if you question the Nazi holocaust of the Jews, or even reduce the number of victims, it is not considered as a freedom of opinion, but rather as a crime for which you will be judged according to the law. Therefore, for someone to openly declare his atheism in Saudi Arabia and offend the Divine Essence – God All- Powerful. And it is not freedom of opinion, but rather a despicable and insignificant matter that deserves punishment and responsibility.

Al-Bakhiti responded to the prince’s tweet with a series of tweets, in which he said, “The comparison is wrong, brother Abdul Rahman. The Holocaust Denial Act is meant to confront Nazism, and it has its own circumstances. As for atheism and atheism, it is a human right to make it known, and it is in line with the Saudi vision 2030 by accepting different cultures and religions, and I appreciate your personal understanding, but this does not represent the official authorities who would not allow a ‘despicable’, ‘evil’ and ‘punishable’ person to leave the kingdom without being held accountable, and I do not imagine that you oppose your government in its orientations or his acceptance of cultural and religious differences, according to what Prince Mohammed bin Salman said of moderation, and I took no offense, both members of my religion denied the existence of the god of the background religions in full..

Prince Abdul Rahman replied: “Did I call you?! You said that professing atheism and insulting the divine is a despicable and baseless affair, and you say that you have not offended the divine , then why did you consider the matter to be your concern?!And it harms those who believe in it, so don’t tie it to the view of Saudi Arabia through slander.

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