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Liberals advance to Deakin as mail-in vote count continues

Deakin looks increasingly hard to win for Labor as postal votes go in favor of Michael Soukkar. This means they would have to win Macnamara or Gilmore to form a majority government.

Big pickup for Sukkar in #Deakin on posts, now back to 887 ahead. It would take big counting corrections for Labor to get back to it now.

– Kevin Bonham (@kevinbonham) May 30, 2022

“Time for change?” national deputy Michael McCormack he asks himself as he enters the village hall.

The Nationals meet to appoint a new leader. It’s a three-horse race between Joyce, Littleproud and Chester. When asked if he had the numbers when he walked in, Darren Chester said he had “at least one”. @9NewsAUS

— Eliza Edwards (@ElizaEdNews) May 30, 2022

Mike Cannon Brookes weighed on AGL’s abandonment of its split project.

Wow. A great day for Australia 💚💛

I had to sit down and take it. This live shot couldn’t be a better metaphor for a better, greener path ahead 🌱

We are seizing the opportunities of decarbonisation with Australian courage, tenacity and creativity.

A lot of work but we CAN do it 👊🏻

— Mike Cannon-Brookes (@mcannonbrookes) May 29, 2022

Lily by Peter Hannam story here:

Nationals prepare to vote for new party leader and deputy

In Canberra, the Nationals are set to stage a leadership reversal with Barnabas Joyce facing a challenge to retain the top spot. We’ll bring you the latest as they come.

Lorena Allam

Lorena Allam

Linda Burney on the Uluru declaration, the treaty and the search for consensus

Incoming Minister of Indigenous Affairs Linda Burney has a long list of priorities when she is sworn in this week, but chief among them is embarking on the unfinished “nation-building project” of the Heart Uluru Declaration.

So no pressure. Burney says the election adrenaline has worn off and she now feels like she’s been “hit by a truck.” As the first Indigenous woman to hold federal cabinet office, she says, “I feel both exhilarated and discouraged. In fact, I have a very long experience in the area of ​​aboriginal affairs. So I feel ready to take up the challenge.

Read the story here:

Adelaide Police search for stolen car with four-month-old child inside

Police say a car carrying a four-month-old child was stolen in Adelaide.

The car model is described as a white 2009 Honda Jazz, S619AXE. Police say it was stolen from Klemzig this morning after a man pulled up in a stolen Mazda van.

Police described the man as being in his mid-20s, Caucasian, and black-haired.

Police search for a stolen car with a four-month-old child inside.

The white 2009 Honda Jazz was allegedly stolen in Klemzig around 7:45 a.m.

Anyone who sees the Honda Jazz is urged to contact the police immediately on 131 444. #9News


— 9News Adelaide (@9NewsAdel) May 29, 2022

Police released footage of the man suspected of stealing a car with a four-month-old child in the back at an address in Klemzig around 7.45am this morning. Please call 131444 or 000 if you spot the stolen Honda Jazz – S619AXE

— South Australia Police (@SAPoliceNews) May 30, 2022

Australia’s Covid deaths on the rise

Covid-19 deaths are on the rise again with Australia’s record 88 death over the weekend and 363 over the past seven days, reports the AAP.

In contrast, daily toll reports in April only exceeded 50 once and were often below 25.

Victoria recorded 16 deaths on Sunday, Western Australia seven, NSW four, Queensland two and Tasmania one.

The number of active virus cases in Australia remains higher 300,000 and there are more 2,700 recovering patients in hospitals across the country.

Authorities have again extended emergency powers in Tasmania, where nearly a third of the state has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and there have been nearly 60 deaths this year.

Meanwhile, one of Australia’s leading charities says the pandemic’s effect on children’s education is not over.

A Smith family A survey found that one in two parents and guardians believe the pandemic is still making it difficult for their children to learn, while three-quarters are worried about their future school work and have struggled to help them during the pandemic. Two-thirds say the virus has made going back to school difficult this year.

AGL CEO resigns, board renewal underway

Following the announcement of the split proposal at AGL, the Chairman, Pierre Bottenand general manager, Graeme Hunt, confirmed that they were leaving their functions.

A board renewal is underway, with Cannon-Brookes vying for two seats to push for a climate-friendly future.

The split of AGL is cancelled. Board renewal is underway:
Chairman Peter Botten will resign.
CEO Graeme Hunt will step down.
Jacqueline Hey has resigned from her position as non-executive director, effective immed.
Diane Smith-Gander will step down following the company’s fiscal year results in August.@mcannonbrookes

– Sabra Lane (@SabraLane) May 29, 2022

Late Friday, Cannon-Brookes wrote to the outgoing president:

As your largest shareholder, we are most exposed to the decisions and actions taken by the Board of Directors and management regarding AGL’s future economic performance.

We continue to believe that shareholders’ interests are best served by keeping AGL together. There is a bright future for a combined LGA to fund an accelerated transition to renewables, create jobs and ensure electricity prices remain as low as possible. We are therefore looking for two candidates for Grok Ventures on the board of AGL.

We intend to engage directly with you and your fellow AGL directors regarding board and management renewal. We want to ensure that AGL has the talent, capital, capabilities and oversight to seize the opportunity presented by decarbonization.

More Australians eligible for fourth Covid vaccine from today

Eligibility for the fourth Covid vaccine (i.e. the second booster) has been expanded from today.

From today, a further 1.5 million Australians with underlying health conditions and disabilities are eligible for a fourth #COVID-19[FEMININE dose. Avec l’hiver qui approche à grands pas, il est vital que les gens s’avancent et reçoivent cette dose de leur médecin généraliste dès que possible. #CovidIsNotOver

— Président du Royal Australian College of GPs (RACGP) (@RACGPPresident) 29 mai 2022

Victoria enregistre trois décès de Covid et 8 288 nouveaux cas

La mise à jour Covid de Victoria vient d’être publiée. Il y a eu 8 288 nouveaux cas détectés et trois autres décès.

Il y a 550 personnes traitées à l’hôpital avec le virus, dont 37 personnes en soins intensifs.

NSW enregistre un décès de Covid et 5 855 nouveaux cas

NSW Health a publié la mise à jour Covid d’aujourd’hui.

Il y a eu 5 855 nouveaux cas signalés et un décès supplémentaire.

Il y a 1 181 personnes traitées à l’hôpital avec le virus, dont 34 personnes en soins intensifs.

Mise à jour COVID-19 – lundi 30 mai 2022

Au cours de la période de rapport de 24 heures jusqu’à 16 h hier :

– 96,4 % des personnes âgées de 16 ans et plus ont reçu une dose d’un vaccin COVID-19
– 94,9 % des personnes âgées de 16 ans et plus ont reçu deux doses d’un vaccin COVID-19

– Santé NSW (@NSWHealth) 29 mai 2022

AGL retire son projet de scission

AGL a publié une déclaration confirmant que la proposition de scission “ne recevra pas un soutien suffisant” pour atteindre le seuil d’approbation de 75%. Il fait suite à une campagne d’un milliardaire et militant pour le climat Mike Cannon Brookes.

Cannon-Brookes a choqué la société ce mois-ci lorsqu’il a annoncé qu’il était devenu le principal actionnaire unique de la société. Il s’est engagé à bloquer la scission, affirmant que cela retarderait la fermeture des centrales électriques au charbon restantes d’AGL et détruirait la valeur pour les actionnaires.

Déclaration d’AGL – confirmant formellement qu’elle retirera sa proposition de scission.
“AGL Energy estime que la proposition de scission ne recevra pas un soutien suffisant pour atteindre le seuil d’approbation de 75 % pour un plan d’arrangement.”

– Michael Mazengarb (@MichaelM_ACT) 29 mai 2022

Si vous l’avez manqué ce matin, les félicitations affluent pour le cycliste australien Jai Hindleyqui est entré dans l’histoire en remportant le Giro d’Italia.

Ministre des Affaires étrangères Penny Wang poursuit également sa tournée dans le Pacifique aujourd’hui.

Le ministre chinois des Affaires étrangères quitte l’hôtel Grand Pacific à Suva pour sa première rencontre de la journée avec le président des Fidji. Le grand jour approche : Wang Yi rencontrera également le Premier ministre fidjien Frank Bainimarama avant de tenir une réunion virtuelle avec les ministres des Affaires étrangères du Pacifique vers 14 heures 1/

– Stephen Dziedzic (@stephendziedzic) 29 mai 2022

Un adolescent accusé de meurtre pour avoir poignardé NSW

En Nouvelle-Galles du Sud, un adolescent a été accusé de meurtre après la mort d’un jeune et la blessure d’une autre personne sur la côte nord hier.

Les services d’urgence ont été appelés dans un restaurant fast-food de Casino vers 17 h 10 hier, répondant à des informations faisant état d’une bagarre.

Des agents se sont rendus avec NSW Ambulance et ont trouvé des jeunes blessés par arme blanche.

Un garçon de 17 ans est décédé sur les lieux, tandis qu’un homme de 18 ans a été emmené à l’hôpital de Lismore Base pour y être soigné. Il y reste dans un état stable.

Après enquête, un adolescent, également âgé de 17 ans, a été arrêté au Casino, inculpé de meurtre, de blessures imprudentes et de rixe.

Il s’agit d’un tableau frappant et d’une réprimande ferme de toute comparaison de Covid avec des maladies respiratoires plus bénignes.

Il y a eu 6 197 décès dus au COVID-19 jusqu’à présent cette année. Comment cela se compare-t-il avec d’autres maladies?

Le graphique ci-dessous montre les décès hebdomadaires par COVID, par rapport aux autres maladies (moyenne 2015-2021).

Le cancer est le plus grand tueur en 🇦🇺. COVID (en 2022) a été 2e, les maladies cardiaques 3e.

— CovidBaseAU 🦠📊🇦🇺 (@covidbaseau) 29 mai 2022

Député libéral Stuart Robert a confirmé à l’émission Today ce matin que Pierre Duton sera le nouveau chef du parti, avec Loi de Susan prêter serment comme adjoint sans contestation.

Lorsqu’on lui a demandé pourquoi il n’avait pas l’air “sur la lune”, Robert a répondu :

je suis définitivement [happy] with that…super happy with the party room and management team we bring.

As for the Nationals, Robert said “we’ll wait and see” what they do.

They ran a great campaign. Held their seats to their credit. David Littleproud is an excellent colleague of mine from Queensland. I wish them all the best for the future.

“Do you think David Littleproud will be the leader? he was pushed.

I think it will be close.

David Littleproud (left) and Barnaby Joyce are battling for the leadership of the Nationals party.
David Littleproud (left) and Barnaby Joyce are battling for the leadership of the Nationals party. Photograph: Mike Bowers/The Guardian

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