Australian Open 2022 campaign under threat as Federal Court hears appeal after Immigration Minister Alex Hawke revoked Serbian tennis star’s visa

Filip Serdarusic, Croatian tennis coach and brother of tennis player Nino Serdarusic, told the Serbian site Sports Club he only had to leave Australia after being granted a medical exemption due to Novak Djokovic’s situation.

He said the Australian authorities were playing politics with Djokovic at the expense of others.

Serdarusic, who arrived in Australia with the same medical exemption as the world No.1, told Sport Klub reporter Sasa Ozmo that on the day Djokovic arrived, Australian immigration authorities called him to 10 p.m. and asked him to attend an interview the next day.

“There was a possibility of entering with an exemption. I am not vaccinated and had coronavirus in October,” he said.

He added that his agent had sent confirmation to Tennis Australia, who passed it on to the authorities. Serdarusic said he then received clearance to enter Australia around December 10 and arrived with his brother on a flight chartered by Tennis Australia.

Serdarusic said a Border Force official told him he could face a 14-day quarantine after finding out he was unvaccinated and had an exemption. Serdarusic told him he wouldn’t have come to Australia if he had known he would be quarantined.

“Then she called her boss, he looked at the papers, photographed them and told me that I could enter the country freely,” Serdarusic said. Sports Club.

Nino and Filip Serdarusic were in Melbourne for three days, then traveled to Traralgon for a tennis tournament when Djokovic arrived at Melbourne airport.

Serdarusic said he then received a phone call from immigration authorities at 10 p.m. and was told to attend an interview the following day. TA sent him a car an hour before his brother’s quarter-final game because he was due to arrive at immigration at 5 p.m.

Serdarusic decided that he would not challenge a possible visa cancellation decision.

“They would have rejected it 99% because they decided it was no longer valid that you had COVID. I decided to pack my bags because I’m not as good as Novak at fighting. If they had arrested him, they had to arrest us too.

Serdarusic said Djokovic did everything by the rules.

“People have all kinds of nasty comments. I will only say this: when we applied for a visa, we had to fulfill certain conditions. Neither Novak nor I invented the exemption. We followed their rules and were approved. They can strengthen their political cause on him, but they can’t on us ‘little ones’, that’s why it’s happening,” Serdarusic said.

“He [Djokovic] is ideal for this before the election, or so it seems. If they had let in the Czech [player Renata Voracova, who also left Australia] and me, why not him? I think Tennis Australia had hoped he would come in like we did, but everyone knows him. If it hadn’t been for Novak, this wouldn’t have happened to us.

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