Australian scholars call for improved China-Australia relations

CANBERRA, May 26 (Xinhua) — Fifteen scholars from Australian universities called for improved China-Australia relations in an open letter released Thursday.

The open letter, addressed to the new federal government elected last Saturday, was published on the Pearls and Irritations blogging platform.

Academics included former diplomat and visiting professor at the University of Sydney Jocelyn Chey, professor and economist at the Australian National University (ANU) Jane Golley, director of the Center for Chinese Studies at the University of Sydney David Goodman , director of the Australia-China Relations Institute at Sydney James Laurenceson University of Technology, and Ben Hillman, director of the Australian Center on China in the World at ANU.

Addressed to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Foreign Secretary Penny Wong, the letter said: “The change of government offers the opportunity for a circuit breaker in the poor diplomatic relations which have developed between Australia and the China in the recent past”.

“As professors of China studies who undertake research on various aspects of Chinese society and politics, we recognize that the new government is likely to avoid the overly aggressive approach of its predecessor. In our view, less of public aggression is likely to be more effective in dealing with China: international engagement should replace the language of war,” he said.

The scholars said China’s growth as an important regional and potential global power could only be disruptive, and that two-way communication, rather than “megaphone diplomacy”, was needed for the changing environment is managed as effectively as possible. possible.

“A Chinese policy informed as much by diplomatic and economic interests as by great power strategic concerns could well and more sustainably secure Australia’s national and economic security,” they said.

“While appreciating the enormous difficulties ahead, we urge this adjustment in China’s approach.”

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