Battle League Post-Launch Plans Reportedly Undermined

Nintendo’s post-launch plans for the upcoming Mario Strikers: Battle League have reportedly been datamined, revealing 20 playable characters in total.

Nintendo’s post-launch plans for the next Mario Strikers: Battle League may have just been leaked thanks to a recent datamine of the game’s character slot numbers. mario– a football-themed match was announced during the February Nintendo Direct livestream, featuring Mario Strikers: Battle League seeks to build on the arcade sports action formula established in 2005 Super Mario Strikers and 2007 Mario Strikers loaded by having Mario and his friends lead their own soccer teams and challenge each other in single or multiplayer games on the Nintendo Switch. In addition to special attacks and Mario Kart-style power-ups from previous entries in the series, Mario Strikers: Battle League will feature a new “Hyper Strike” shot that will give the player two points for a single goal.


Nintendo and developer Next Level Games have confirmed that Mario Strikers: Battle League will have ten playable characters available at launch, including mainstays of the Mario franchise like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Rosalina, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Toad, Wario, Waluigi and Bowser – all of whom can view their base stats and updated appearances with gear customization. While many fans noticed that Mario Strikers: Battle LeagueThe list of playable characters of is smaller than the lists of the last two Mario Strikers games, Nintendo recently revealed that there will be free post-launch updates in the style of other Mario sports titles like Mario Golf: Super Rush and Mario The Aces of Tennis.

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A recent tweet from Nintendo’s famous dataminer wipeoutjack7 revealed that Mario Strikers: Battle League could have up to 10 extra characters after output, as indicated by Double shock. This will bring the total playable characters to 20 after all, but there’s still no word on which classic. mario characters will be added to Mario Strikers: Battle League list or whether or not they will all be offered to players as free downloadable content. It has also not been confirmed if there will be any additional game modes to come. Mario Strikers: Battle League alongside the new characters, but it looks like Nintendo is planning to back its new sports title long after its scheduled June 10 launch.

There are many unconfirmed and popular mario characters that could fill these leaks Mario Strikers: Battle League DLC slots including Princess Daisy, Diddy Kong and Boo. Characters who have already been confirmed to appear in Mario Strikers: Battle League will all have special stats and unique animations, as demonstrated in the Mario Strikers: Battle League trailer that was released earlier this month.

Fans of the previous two Mario Strikers games have been eagerly awaiting a new mascot-centric soccer game for the Nintendo Switch, and their wish is about to be granted with Mario Strikers: Battle League. While the game only has a small roster of ten playable characters at launch, it looks like Nintendo will double that amount with post-release DLC – although details are still unclear at this time. In any case, players will be able to go to the soccer field with Mario and company when Mario Strikers: Battle League Launch June 10.

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Source: Wipeoutjack7/Twitter (via Dual Shockers)

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