Bayern Munich players ‘furious’ over Lewandowski case

The contradictory statements about the departure of the Polish player, Robert Lewandowski, to Bayern Munich have caused a state of anger among the players in the dressing room of the German team.

And ‘The Atlantic’ website reported that the player’s colleagues are not happy with what is happening, and that Lewandowski’s public protests to let him leave the Bavarian did not go down well among his colleagues.

The site indicated that the subject of Lewandowski was most frequently discussed in “dressing rooms”.

The site quoted a reliable source within the squad as saying the players believe that many public statements do not help anyone and that the issue should be resolved behind closed doors.

The German squad’s players want the issue resolved as soon as possible, with a return to pre-season training on July 12.

And Lewandowski openly announced last month that his story with the Bavarian was over, while Bayern insist on keeping a player who scored 50 goals for his club last season and was the Bundesliga’s top scorer in the last few years. five seasons, while its president, Herbert Hainer, said: “The contract is a contract.”

The striker only has one season left with the Germany team.

The site said the latest voice of confidence within Bayern Munich speaking publicly on the issue is Oliver Kahn, the club’s chief executive, who said Lewandowski is expected to start the pre-season with the rest of the squad. team within three weeks.

But if Bayern want to get a financial return, they have to sell him this summer, otherwise he will be a free player.

It is reported that Barcelona have prepared a three-year deal for him and the ex-Borussia Dortmund striker wants to leave for the Spanish League.

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