Ben O’Shea: What COVID really looks like, questionable RATs and how WA refuses to get tested before a party

After laying around with the Rona for the past seven days, here are my top three thoughts from the iso:

1) Vacuumed, anti-vaxxers: haters who regularly abuse me via email were waiting for me to catch the virus, but I’m sorry to report that my triple vaxxed immune system reduced COVID-19 to just a cough dry for a few days.

That’s it. Not even a sore throat. I was more at risk of landing in intensive care from overeating related to UberEats than COVID. Many I know have been much more affected, and I wish everyone a speedy recovery, vaxxed or not.

2) The McGowan government RATs are dodgy AFs: My criticism of the government-supplied lollipop-type rapid antigen tests is based on the fact that a bunch of them return negative results within minutes before AND after a result instant positive of a nasal bought in pharmacy. swab test.

West Australians are already doing a great job of pretending it doesn’t exist at the weekend.

A quick scan of social media reveals I’m not the only one experiencing this, and one wonders how many people are currently walking around WA with COVID, convinced by a dodgy RAT that their symptoms are just those of a cold.

3) Western Australians won’t have any problem getting over the pandemic: in fact, they’re already doing a great job of pretending it doesn’t exist at weekends.

Basing anything on WA case counts is a daunting undertaking, just ask Mark “We’re past the peak” McGowan, but it seems especially true when you compare daily infections with PCR test rates.

Washington State Premier Mark McGowan.
Camera iconPremier Mark McGowan is refusing to release the modeling on which his government’s COVID policies are based. Credit: western australia

As you’d expect, daily case counts track PCR testing rates closely, so when one goes up, so does the other, and vice versa.

The prevailing argument is that people only get PCR tests when they feel sick or are in close contact, so of course there would be a correlation, right?

But that becomes less certain when you map testing rates against weekends and bank holidays, which EVERY week for over a month has revealed West Australians are simply not being tested. when a Bunnings snag or a night on the tiles is offered.

You could also file this under “No shit, Sherlock”, but it suggests that only mid-week COVID updates provide an accurate picture of the Omicron outbreak in WA.

Based on this assumption and taking into account the school holidays, which also saw a reduction in testing, cases have barely decreased from McGowan’s “peak” in late March, but restrictions have been eased.

And now Chief Health Officer Dr Andy Robertson says we could soon hit 25,000 daily cases.

Pandemics are hard to predict, but any tendency to mulligan the prime minister on this one is negated by the government’s stubborn refusal to release the modeling on which its COVID policies and rhetoric are based.

Did the modeling really justify the easing of restrictions, or was Premier McGowan channeling The Castle lawyer Dennis Denuto and basing his decision on ‘vibe’?

Without seeing the modeling, we have no way of knowing for sure.

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