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Right now, right now, the WHO is meeting in Geneva, ready to vote on measures specifically submitted by Biden that would hand over US health sovereignty to this sinister and dangerous group. Madness. File photo: Alexandros Michailidis, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – Not content with destroying our country from within, bumbling Biden is now going straight to place us under the rule of another international alphabet group, the WHO, which stands for World Health Organization. health. Like its incompetent twin, the United Nations, the WHO is made up of countries around the world that support terrorism, run dictators and violate human rights, such as Afghanistan, China, Cuba, South Korea North, Syria, and Venezuela, all tucked away among ready-made countries. devoured democracies like ours. In May 2020, then-President Trump courageously ended our relationship with the WHO, over his dismal failure to enact reforms in the face of growing concerns about his handling of the coronavirus outbreak and his bias. pro-China to protect this nation from scrutiny of its obvious culpability for subjecting the world to this deadly disease. Biden in one of his first (of many) destructive acts as president was to bring the United States back into the fold of the WHO. And it still pushes the tentacles of this group to smother us in our freedoms.

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Right now, right now, the WHO is meeting in Geneva, ready to vote on measures specifically submitted by Biden that would hand over US health sovereignty to this sinister and dangerous group. Madness. These “suggestions” would allow the WHO to declare a health emergency anywhere in our country, require the United States to report to an international “compliance committee” on whether it was obeying WHO guidelines, and create a enforcement mechanism to basically punish any nation that does not follow WHO guidelines. Our own citizens would be at the mercy of this international group of losers whose directives would supersede those of our own elected leaders in Congress.

Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey, a senior member of the House Global Health Committee, called him,


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“The Biden administration’s absurd proposal to cede US sovereignty to the corrupt WHO is a flagrant violation of constitutional principle that would lead to less accountability and more misconduct by this problematic agency.”

And Mat Staver, president of Liberty Counsel said,

“And that would mean whether it was social distancing, whether businesses were essential or not, whether churches were essential, lockdowns, different types of treatment, all of that would be under the jurisdiction and sovereignty of one body. international and no longer under the United States of America.”

These amendments, submitted by our own President Biden, are worded in a way that would give the WHO authority over all of us. And moreover, we could be dragged before a world court if we do not comply with the sanctions of all other members as punishment. Do we want this?

To top it off, the agency’s director is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a former Ethiopian government minister and the only director general who was not a doctor. He’s a typically corrupt bureaucrat, plain and simple, not even qualified to spray hydrogen chloride on a scratch. Yet he was allowed, by virtue of his position, to mishandle the Covid crisis from the outset. He is an obvious political pawn, held by China, which he immediately exonerated as responsible for the spread of the epidemic. His agency initially said the virus was not likely to mutate quickly and he is known for covering up one of the biggest sex scandals in UN history, with his agency workers raping young women at the Congo during an Ebola outbreak. He is a loser, responsible for the deaths of countless victims in numerous epidemics around the world.

As for Biden’s amendments that will surely be accepted by the WHO this week, we shake our heads in dismay and fear that our independence is in jeopardy. We support Republican Senators Cotton and Daines for their letter to the White House calling on the United States to immediately leave the WHO, as we did under President Trump. A quote from the note, “The WHO absolutely cannot be trusted with more power.” Amen to that.

Letter from Republican Senators Cotton and Daines to the White House

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