Biden mourns Texas town as anger mounts over school shooting

“I feel sorry for them because they have to live with this mistake of staying away,” said Julian Moreno, former pastor of Primera Iglesia Bautista and great-grandfather of one of the girls killed, about of the Uvalde police.

The Uvalde shooting has once again put gun control at the top of the national agenda, months before November’s midterm elections, supporters of tougher gun laws claiming that the latest bloodshed represents a tipping point.

Biden, a Democrat, has repeatedly called for major reforms to US gun laws but has been powerless to stop the mass shootings or convince Republicans that tougher controls could stem the carnage.


The visit to Texas is Biden’s third presidential trip to a mass shooting site, including earlier this month when he traveled to Buffalo, New York, after a gunman killed 10 black people in a Saturday afternoon attack at a grocery store.

Biden was joined Sunday by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican who opposes new gun restrictions, and other local officials.

“We need help, Governor Abbott,” some in the crowd shouted as Biden arrived at school. “Shame on you, Abbott.”

Others shouted thank you to Biden as he arrived at school.

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