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The news comes as the MP for Lichfield in Staffordshire appeared on LBC radio. Discussing the current crisis the Prime Minister finds himself in following Downing Street’s controversial ‘Bring your own booze’ drinks event which took place at the height of the lockdown, listeners turned the show into an attack on the Prime Minister.

Taking to Twitter to express his frustration at the way Mr Johnson is being treated, the MP said: ‘Just been on LBC. Boris’ visceral hatred of London Remain classes is breathtaking.

Supporting the MP, Sean Buckley said: “The Remoanlings and Leftwaffe despise BJ for humiliating Corbyn and forcing Brexit. If BJ triggers Article 16 and the ATT exit clause, his ratings will skyrocket.”

However, Mr. Buckley was one of the few to support the idea championed by Mr. Fabricator.

Responding to the thread, many commentators criticized the prime minister.

Withnail Jones said: “My parents voted Leave. They hate Johnson. They hate it because for much of 2020 they only saw their grandkids in their driveway and couldn’t hug them. Meanwhile, Johnson was having sex in his backyard with his friends and staff.

While Jim Hodges said, “It’s not just London, everyone with morals and a sense of what’s right wants him gone.”

Many members of the Conservative Party have called on the Prime Minister to resign following the revelation that the party had taken place.

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The Prime Minister has apologized wholeheartedly for the incident and fully supported an investigation by senior civil servant Sue Gray.

Another conversation by Mr Fabricator on LBC saw the MP back the Prime Minister even more.

Speaking to Andrew Castle, Mr Fabricator said: “I think he should stay for now and I think he should probably stay for good.”

Speaking of the five Tories who have publicly called for Mr Johnson’s departure, the MP said there were more than 300 Tories in the Commons: ‘Five out of 360 is not a lot’.

The MP added that his constituents had told him to stand by the Prime Minister and suggested a ‘witch hunt’ was being orchestrated against Mr Johnson.

However, agreeing the parties were a mess, Mr Fabricator said: ‘They shouldn’t have had these parties, they should lead by example, there’s no doubt about that.’

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The presenter pointed out that the Conservative Association of Sutton Coldfield had withdrawn its support for the Prime Minister, but Mr Fabricator called it an ‘outlier’.

He added that Sutton Coldfield MP Andrew Mitchell has always been “very critical” of the Prime Minister and so the result comes as no surprise.

Adding to the debate, Sir Keir Starmer reiterated his position, echoing the face-to-face through the dispatch box seen at PMQs on Wednesday.

In a speech to the Fabian Society conference, the Labor leader accused the Tories of failing the NHS because they are ‘too preoccupied with defending its breaking of the rules’.

Speaking of the Prime Minister, Sir Keir said: ‘We are witnessing the shattered spectacle of a Prime Minister mired in deceit and deceit, unable to lead.

He added: ‘It’s very important that the Conservative Party do what they have to do and get rid of him.’

Responding to questions after his speech, Mr Starmer said revelations about breaches of coronavirus rules at Downing Street had exacerbated the problems people were facing with their mental wellbeing.

He said: ‘I am thinking, by the way, of the partygate scandal, for lack of a better word… what has happened in recent weeks, where it has become apparent that while the vast majority of the British public are obeying the laws that the government made , the government and the Prime Minister were partying in Downing Street.

He added: “I think it’s added to the mental health stress because so many people are now asking, ‘Why the hell did I do this then, when they were doing what they were doing? “”

A No 10 spokesperson said: “An investigation is underway to establish the facts regarding the nature of the gatherings, including attendance, setting and purpose, with reference to compliance with the guidelines at the time. The conclusions will be made public in due course. »

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