Busy weekend at Manchester Airport amid reports of crying children, huge queues, empty vending machines, closed restaurants and passengers stuck on planes for hours

Crying children, huge queues, empty vending machines, closed restaurants and passengers stuck on planes for hours. It was a hectic weekend at Manchester Airport.

The airport again saw huge mid-term queues on Sunday May 29, with trailing baggage drop queues reported for TUI flights, as well as various delays on other flights, leaving families wait at the gates for hours longer than expected. It comes after others recounted how they were forced to sleep on the floor overnight earlier this week and even abandon their suitcases and return home after hours of waiting at baggage claim on Saturday.

Manchester Airport said there were no security concerns and it appears a large number of TUI flights have been affected by delays and long queues.

On Sunday, the dozens of disgruntled passengers contacted the Manchester Evening News. One told how she and other travelers had to wait in their seats on the runway for up to four hours after their flight was delayed. People said they saw devastated families being sent away with crying children. Some even saw their flights delayed overnight.

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Videos shared on social media on Sunday evening (May 29) showed baggage drop queues coming out of the gates and into the car drop-off area. Passengers told how they waited at the airport for more than six hours without any updates on delayed flights.

TUI and EasyJet have hit the headlines in recent days. TUI passengers were outraged after receiving a text message from the holiday giant saying their trips had been canceled on Sunday. EasyJet has announced it will cancel 200 flights over the next 10 days, putting half-term holidays for families at risk.

Among those affected was Sharon Marie, who was traveling with her partner on a TUI flight to Paphos – due to take off from Manchester at 5.30pm. After going from “queue to queue” at the airport for more than six hours, they were still waiting at the gate at 8 p.m., unsure whether his flight would take off, she said.

Sharon waited in line for two hours at baggage drop before seeing empty vending machines and closed restaurants in Terminal 2. She said families had been sitting at the airport unable to eat for hours, with dozens of children “screaming and crying”.

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Shortly after 8.30pm, she said she was told the flight had been delayed overnight on Monday – and told to go home with her luggage before starting all over again.

She told the Manchester Evening News: “There are so many restaurants that just aren’t open at all, we were told many had run out of food so they had to close. It’s just unbelievable that families can’t find anything to eat.

“It’s just been chaos. We waited for six hours and weren’t sure if our vacation would go ahead. We were waiting in the main lounge and then we were told to go to the door.

Sharon shared photos of families waiting at the door for hours on Sunday evening

“When we got there, there was a huge queue of people waiting for another flight. There were so many kids screaming and crying and people wondering what was going on.

“People are tired, hungry and stressed. We’ve gone from queue to queue. It’s chaotic.

“We were then told that we had to wait for our bags and be escorted out of the airport as our flight was canceled at 12 noon tomorrow. [Monday]. We are sent home with luggage at our expense to come back and start the whole process over. We are tired, hungry and fed up.”

When contacted, TUI declined to comment, saying it was “more appropriate” to inform customers directly.

A crowd of people in an airport terminal
‘Hundreds’ of TUI passengers were left waiting

Aisha Marzouq, whose Kuwait Airways flight from Manchester to Kuwait City was due to take off at 12.45pm on Sunday, said after finally boarding nearly two hours later at 2.30pm, passengers were then left to sit on the plane for four hours .

She said: “We had been stuck on the plane for four-and-a-half hours. We boarded at 2.30pm due to staff issues during baggage delivery.

Aisha shared a photo of passengers on board the Kuwait Airways flight, who she says were trapped for four hours

“The staff are doing their best, but we just sat at the gate, trapped on the plane.” The MEN attempted to contact Kuwait Airways for comment.

After finally being let off the plane again, Aisha shared photos of empty vending machines at the airport. Flight radar showed the flight still had not taken off at 8 p.m., nearly eight hours after its originally scheduled time.

Keith Barrett, from Hazel Grove in Stockport, was due to fly to Antalya on Sunday evening for a week’s family vacation. After queuing for two hours to check in his luggage at Terminal 2, he discovered that the TUI flight had been delayed overnight.

“We are 15,” he said. “We haven’t been away for three years.

“We’ve been queuing for two hours and all of a sudden they say they have technical problems and we can’t fly today. They said they’ll text us with a flight time for tomorrow.

Keith Barrett, from Hazel Grove in Stockport, will now miss a day of his week-long vacation due to an overnight delay

“We were only gone for a week and now we’ve lost a day. I’m absolutely gutted and disgusted. They said you find yourself a hotel and they’ll pay for it. Luckily we don’t live far . “

A TUI spokesperson responded and told MEN : “We would like to apologize to customers traveling on flight BY508 today from Manchester to Antalya which has been delayed due to a combination of factors.

“All customers have been offered overnight accommodation and appropriate meals. Customers on this flight are entitled to compensation in accordance with regulations and we have proactively sent them information on how to submit a claim.

“We continue to notify affected customers directly and will provide them with revised travel plans as soon as possible. We understand that delays are frustrating to customers, and would like to apologize for the inconvenience and thank them for their patience.”

'Abandoned' luggage was lined up in Manchester Airport's baggage hall as passengers waited for their own luggage to arrive
‘Abandoned’ luggage was lined up in Manchester Airport’s baggage hall as passengers waited for their own luggage to arrive

In a statement on Sunday, Manchester Airport apologized for the disruptions experienced by passengers and explained that delays to check-in and baggage claim are the responsibility of airlines and transport companies. ground handling, which run their own services.

They added that they were “in contact with the management teams of the airlines and ground service providers concerned” to “understand the cause of these problems” and said they would support their efforts to resolve the problems as soon as possible. as quickly as possible.

Manchester Airport has been approached for further comment.

On Friday May 27, TUI issued a statement apologizing for the flight delays. In the statement, the bosses said: ‘We would like to apologize to some of our customers who have experienced flight delays in recent days. As the UK’s largest holiday company, our priority is to take our customers on holiday safely.

“We continue to work closely with our airport partners to monitor the situation and continue to provide the best possible holiday experience for our customers. We are doing everything possible to limit flight delays, which may occur from time to time for various operational reasons.

“In the rare event that flight delays do occur, we will do everything we can to support our customers, through direct communications and by providing overnight accommodation and transfers if required, as well as meals and refreshments. We would like to remind customers not to arrive at the airport too far before their flight, as this can contribute to delays in terminal queues.”

Similarly, bosses at Manchester Airport have advised people not to arrive until three o’clock for their flights. A spokesperson recently said: ‘The airport is asking passengers not to come early as they will not be able to check in with their airlines, which could lead to unnecessary waits in the terminals. Leaving a three-hour window will allow people to get through security and catch their flights.”

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