Buyers come full circle as Manifold Heights home sells for $230,000 more than reserve

25 Strachan Ave, Manifold Heights, sold for $1.88 million at auction.

Life turns in circles for a young family who return to their favorite leafy suburb of Geelong.

Buyers, who listened in on the auction over the phone, landed a massive five-bedroom residence at 25 Strachan Ave, Manifold Heights.

The two-story home, which interested buyers said was dated, sold for $1.88million at Saturday’s auction, smashing the $1.65million reserve price of 230,000 dollars.

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Three bidders contested the 940 sq ft property on the exclusive Circular Street a few doors down from Manifold Heights Elementary School.

Auctioneer David Gray calls the auction at 25 Strachan Ave, Manifold Heights.

The $1.3million opening bid landed seconds after Buxton auctioneer David Gray explained to the large crowd what was on offer.

Two parties held bidding until the third bidder entered the fray at $1.78 million.

But the competition remained fierce until the end, with two groups exchanging $5,000 bids to secure the keys.

25 Strachan Ave, Manifold Heights, sold for $1.88 million at auction.

“I knew it was going to be popular but I wasn’t expecting much,” Mr Gray said.

Shoppers were returning to a suburb they knew well, he said.

“I had actually sold their house a while ago,” he said.

“They are in Brisbane and they are preparing for the future.

“They always knew they would come back to Geelong and Manifold Heights was top of the list because they grew up there.

25 Strachan Ave, Manifold Heights, sold for $1.88 million at auction.

“They were at Purrumbete Ave and they want the same for their kids.”

The auction marks 21 years since the property was last sold for $425,000.

It’s the sixth property to sell on Strachan Ave in the past two years, but sets a record price for the street, eclipsing $1.85million for a contemporary three-bedroom residence sold in 2021 and at 45,000 $ less than the record house price in the suburbs.

The underbidders gave up at $1.875 million. 25 Strachan Avenue, multiple heights.

“It’s so hard to get this product in Manifold Heights,” Mr. Gray said.

“It’s all or nothing I guess because you don’t know when the next one is coming.

“Although the comments were a little dated and need a little elbow grease, it’s a massive floor plan and aesthetically you can put it away and have bigger plans in the future.

“With the pitch and access to the back lane, that position was foremost.”

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