Buying guide for the best MacBook in 2022: Which Apple Mac M1 should you buy?

Two 2021 MacBook Pro models side by side.
Enlarge / Two 2021 MacBook Pro models side by side.

Samuel Axone

Over the past two years, Apple has completed an overhaul of its entire line of laptops. That means now is the best time for people who have been waiting for an old MacBook upgrade to take the plunge.

But which MacBook is the best to choose? Much depends on your specific use case, and that’s what we’re going to explore here today.

Typically, buying guides select diamonds in the rough, with “rough” being hundreds of lower quality products. But when you’re recommending a MacBook, it’s a simpler matter. There aren’t many to choose from. But since they usually can’t be upgraded, you’ll have to make some serious choices before you buy.

So we won’t just highlight the best MacBook to buy for a specific use case, we’ll also discuss configurations and other more granular concerns to consider when ordering a machine.

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