Canberra weather: Snow forecast, ACT police issue long weekend road warning | Canberra time

Jacob McArthur

Jacob McArthur is a producer for The Canberra Times. As part of the production team, he helps people in Canberra and beyond get the stories they need, when they need them across a range of platforms, while helping to maintain a high editorial standard. . Before moving to Canberra in 2020, he started with Australian Community Media in 2015 as a reporter for The Northern Daily Leader in Tamworth. He has kept a close eye on Tamworth County Council, as well as the public health system, writing extensively on water safety, the need for better palliative care services and medicinal cannabis. Jacob was also the co-host of ACM’s Water Pressure podcast where he and Jamieson Murphy delved into key issues and decisions arising during one of the region’s worst droughts on record.

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