NASA is funding deep space research projects, including a moon dust chaser

An artist’s conception shows astronauts at work on the moon. (Illustration by NASA) How do you keep moon dust from obliterating the work of NASA’s future spacesuits and spacecraft? This is one of the issues being addressed in the latest batch of projects supported by NASA’s Small Business Innovation Research program. “NASA is working on … Read more

Epic is giving away the entire Bioshock series for free

Bioshockthe must-have action-horror that blended RPG elements, solid shooter, and Randian-inspired horror, is an undisputed gaming classic. Bioshock Infinite went a step further, adding incredible swashbuckling movement mechanics, amazing supporting characters, and a reality-distorting story that pulled no narrative punches. Also, Bioshock 2 was a video game. Following his impressive Borderlands 3 freebie, the Epic … Read more

Watch: This adorable robotic crab is the ‘smallest’ remote-controlled walking robot ever

A team of engineers from Northwestern University has developed a tiny robotic crab prototype, and it looks absolutely adorable. The robot crab is smaller than a flea, but it can apparently walk, bend, twist, turn and jump and perform several other functions. It is now claimed to be the smallest remote-controlled walking robot – barely … Read more

Informatica Makes Data Management Easier with Oracle, Google, and Azure Integrations

New partnerships with Oracle, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud highlight Informatica’s strategy to lead the market in data management products by delivering integrations that reduce the time and complexity of migration, management, and deployment tasks. data engineering. The partnerships, announced this week at the annual Informatica World conference, enhance the company’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud … Read more

Google Drive adds support for multi-text selection and file copy/paste shortcut

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority TL; DR Google Drive adds multi-text selection. Google Drive gains a shortcut for copying and pasting files. Google Drive has finally added support for two core features, features it probably should have had all along. The first major addition is multi-text selection, much like Microsoft Word. Unfortunately, unlike Word, Google … Read more

Blockware Solutions to Build 150 Megawatt Bitcoin Mining Facility in West Virginia

A cryptocurrency mining rig in the BWS mining facility in KY. Source: BlockwareSolutions Blockware Solutions (BWS) announced on Wednesday that it is partnering with SEVA — a climate-focused company working to recreate mining lands and economies in West Virginia — to support its solar farm project. The new mining facility will be powered by West … Read more