Champions League final singer hits out at football fans

The Cuban-American singer performed a sung interlude with dance performances at the Stade de France in Paris before the players approach the Champions League final on Saturday evening.

And Camila posted on her official Twitter account after the show: “I can’t believe the fans were singing their clubs anthem out loud during our singing. My singing team and I worked hard for a long time to put a good Show.”

Football fans have attacked the American singer intensely, after her statement, noting that her statements confirm her lack of understanding of football culture.

Many pointed out that this game is the European Champions League final, not the final of American football’s “Super Bowl”, famous for a big singing show between the two halves, which fans are interested in, unlike soccer fans.

One wrote: “I love Camila Cabello, but not during the Champions League final. Spare us those Super Bowl performances.”

A number of fans greeted the American singer with boos in the stadium, because of his refusal to sing “about American comedy”, which they say is not suitable for football.

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