Check out Josh Flagg’s new photo with boyfriend Andrew Beyer

Officially seal the deal on social media.

Almost three months later Josh Flag confirmed that he had separated from his husband Bobby Boydthe Los Angeles Million Dollar List the star shared her first original photo with her boyfriend Andre Beyer. On May 29, Josh posted a photo to his grid of himself with the fellow realtor, with their arms wrapped around each other and with a scenic beach behind them.

He captioned the soft snap, “Love it.”

The couple have already appeared together on social networks, in a more subtle way. Fans got a quick glimpse of the couple in April when Josh re-shared a friend’s Instagram Story which showed him with Andrew leaning in for an intimate moment. The following month, they both posed in a group photo taken with friends at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Josh, 36, confirmed to E! News that he was dating two weeks after announcing his divorce from his husband of five years. Although he didn’t name Andrew at the time, he shared that the first two crossed paths professionally five years ago but nothing turned romantic until the end of his marriage.

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