Check out this floating home for sale in downtown Vancouver

The catch might not matter if you love waves that lull you to sleep.

Most people would jump at the chance for a waterfront home in Coal Harbor for less than $500,000, but there’s a catch with this location.

It’s in Coal Harbor. The body of water, not the neighborhood.

For some, like fans of Insomnia in Seattle looking to recreate the lifestyle of Tom Hanks, this may not be a catch, but rather a bonus.

The Little Red Houseboat is a two-story dwelling with all the comforts of a small Vancouver apartment. There’s even a roof terrace (yes, it’s sunbeds upstairs). Inside, the living room and kitchen are essentially the same room, but that’s not uncommon in many condos.

On the second floor there is a bedroom, a bathroom and a space for storing clothes (it’s hard to call it a closet, as you can see in the photos). It’s not a lot of living space, but at 436 square feet, it’s not an unusual size (just an unusual foundation).

And at $459,000, it’s one of the cheapest homes on the market (and significantly cheaper than the Granville Island Floating Home).

Although the house is well below what most people would pay to buy a shelter in Vancouver, it should be noted that what is being purchased is only the floating structure, not the land below. Life on the water comes with mooring, which costs the Coal Harbor Marina almost $12,000 a year, and the city requires a permit to allow people to live on board, which is 1,900 $ more.

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