Chrishell Stause’s Partner G Flip Reveals If He Wants Kids

Return G will one day be on the market to expand their family.

The Australian singer, who recently struck up a romantic relationship with sell sunsetit is Chrishell Stause— thought about the desire to start a family.

“I definitely see kids in my future,” G Flip shared on the May 13 episode of the people every day Podcast. “Right now, Chrishell and I know where we are in our life stages. And we’re very transparent about that.”

G Flip, 27, went on to say that they have “always loved children” and many years of their career have been spent teaching.

“I love children,” said the artist. “I was a music teacher for years before becoming a session drummer and then a solo artist.”

As for the timing, G Flip only said it would be “in the future.”

And while having kids may be something reserved for later, G Flip gushed about Chrishell’s presence in their lives today — something they say will last “forever.”

“I’m very lucky to have her in my life,” they said. “We both feel like we’ll be in each other’s lives forever. We have a very strong bond that you don’t find every day.”

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