City of Sydney urges residents and businesses to switch to GreenPower to ‘reduce emissions’

The City of Sydney is urging residents and business owners to switch to GreenPower to drastically reduce their emissions, after survey results showed many residents were unaware it existed.

GreenPower is a government-run scheme that allows individuals and businesses to support renewable energy generation and the City of Sydney says choosing a 100% GreenPower accredited electricity plan enables people to support growth of the renewable energy sector in Australia.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said switching to renewable energy was one of the biggest changes an individual can make to help tackle the climate crisis.

“A lot of our residents think they can’t become renewable if they rent or live in a building. But there is more to renewable electricity than installing solar panels on the roof,” said the Lord Mayor.

“More than half of our local emissions, 66%, come from electricity, showing just how big an impact switching to green energy can have.

“For households, 46% of residential emissions come from electricity. Making the change is a simple way to make a big difference.

“We know that greening the grid and switching to renewable energy is key to tackling the climate crisis, but many of our residents and businesses believe they can only achieve this by installing solar panels, which is not does not help those who rent or live in apartment buildings.

“The City of Sydney switched to 100% renewable electricity in June 2020 and has been certified carbon neutral since 2011. As we take the next step in tackling the climate crisis, we urge our residents and businesses to do the same change.

“By turning to a GreenPower electricity plan, you can help move Australia away from fossil fuels and move the local Sydney city area towards its goal of net zero by 2035.”

Results of the GreenPower survey of respondents who do not have a GreenPower electricity plan:

33% didn’t know it existed
11% didn’t realize the difference it could make to emissions
7% said they didn’t have time to do this
4.5% were on on-board networks (private electricity networks without personal choice of supplier)
12.7% said they did not trust power companies to use the money to fund renewable energy generation
57% said they would change if they knew it was the best thing they could do for the environment.

“We know our residents want to take action on the environment and we know they want to do their part – and the reality is that switching to GreenPower is the most important and, probably the easiest, thing you can do to help fight the climate crisis,” said the Lord. said the mayor.

Commenting on the City of Sydney campaign, Clean Energy Council CEO Kane Thornton said switching to GreenPower was a great option for people who traditionally would not be able to source renewable electricity.

“Over 3 million Australian homes and small businesses have installed solar panels, but if that’s not an option for you, buying GreenPower is a great alternative,” Thornton said.

“Most electricity retailers will give you an option to buy certified GreenPower – look for the GreenPower logo. GreenPower is a government-run program that allows households to buy certified renewable energy through their retailers This ensures that the retailer is buying electricity from renewable energy projects.”

Thornton notes that GreenPower differs from carbon-neutral electricity plans, which rely on carbon offsets rather than working to green Australia’s grid – and in order to differentiate, “it is best to check with the energy supplier offering the plan before registering”.

“When you choose GreenPower, you are helping Australia’s clean energy transition. The higher the demand, the more renewable energy is added to the grid, helping to support Australian jobs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said Thornton.

Sydney resident Guillaume Papillon said he switched to GreenPower after the 2020 bushfires.

“Deep down, I wanted to be more environmentally conscious but, like many, I often thought, ‘It only happens to other people.’ Smelling the smoke and seeing the red skies over Sydney, and the impact on our wildlife and our community made me think it was my responsibility too.

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