Cold Nips made its way to the beaches of Mandurah

Calling all sunrise and beach lovers: Cold Nips has officially made its way to Mandurah.

The community movement co-founded by friends Jian Wong Yen and Ryan Linton has been a favorite Wednesday morning activity for hundreds of people in Perth since its debut in 2019 and after numerous calls from Peel Dippers, Mandurah is now a permanent place of Cold Nips.

“Since last week we had our first dive in the area, but officially from this week we will be doing every Wednesday at Mandurah. This will be Cold Nips’ second permanent location, ”said Mr. Wong Yen.

“It’s a direction we’ve wanted to move in for some time now, but we were waiting for the right time and the right people to step into Cold Nips life.

Camera iconThe founders of Cold Nips, Ryan Linton and Jian Wong Yen. Credit: Alexandra casey

Then we were struck by a young Mandurah legend, Dylan O’Brien, who said there was a buzz and a crowd here that he said would bypass the movement and he landed well this year for the to start up.”

The Cold Nips team will alternate between four beaches around Peel each week, with the locations posted on their Instagram page earlier in the week.

The duo encourage anyone who’s ever been curious about Cold Nips to give it a try when they next meet.

“If you’ve thought about it, I would 100% recommend that you try it once and see what it can do for you. There is a lot to be gained in terms of community connection and maybe a bit of self-awareness as well, ”said Linton.

“We always say there is a secret recipe to these morning dips, but we’ll let you feel it and find out for yourself.”

Mandurah’s next location will be at Falcon Beach and divers are expected to arrive at 5:45 am.


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