Colorado Cannabis Sales Are Declining and Consumers Suggest Why

Marijuana sales in Colorado spiked on April 20, the 4/20 Cannabis Day, but the year-over-year increase wasn’t enough to pull overall sales out of their nine-month slump.

Colorado dispensaries using Jane, a dispensary menu service and sales tracker, saw a 20% drop in revenue on 4/20 this year compared to 2021 — and nearly 40% less than in 2020. Headset, another dispensary sales tracker, said Westword that although Colorado dispensaries experienced a 102% increase in revenue on April 20 compared to previous Wednesdays, they had “a below-average response to the 4/20 holiday” compared to other states.

In their comments on the Westword Facebook page, consumers offer explanations… and suggestions. Frank says:

Because all of the states around Colorado are or have become recreational, so we lose all of that out-of-state business.

Lyndy adds:

Saturated market, just like the 300 breweries… not all of you will succeed.

Rachel replies:

Who could have predicted that as more states legalize recreational pot, Colorado’s market share might decline? I don’t know why anyone is mystified by this.

Justin Offers:

I grew very well with the weed. Now, after 2014, Colorado will never be the same… We still had to be the pioneers (dispensaries charging unbelievable prices, for a mediocre product). It’s finally caught up.

Jason suggests:

They need to raise the limit to two ounces.

Remarks :

Taxes and prices are too high for a legal state for a long time…..cannabis should not be expensive.

Dominic concludes:

Let’s hope the people who came for the green rush leave for greener pastures.

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