Communist lawmaker calls for Russia’s withdrawal from Ukraine

MOSCOW: Breaking the party line in a rare show of opposition to his country’s war in Ukraine, a Communist Party lawmaker in Russia’s Far East has demanded an end to the military operation and the withdrawal of Russian forces . “We understand that if our country does not stop the military operation, we will have more orphans in our country,” Leonid Vasyukevich told a meeting of the Primorsk Regional Legislative Assembly in the peaceful port of Vladivostok. Friday.
His remarks, which he addressed to President Vladimir Putin, were broadcast in a video broadcast on a Telegram channel from the region.
Another lawmaker followed in support of Vasyukevich’s views, but the speaker of the legislature later issued a statement calling the remarks a “political provocation” not supported by a majority of lawmakers.
Earlier this month, a Geneva-based Russian diplomat resigned, saying he was “ashamed” of the war.
Russia has imposed stiff sanctions for publicly challenging the Kremlin’s account of the military operation in Ukraine.

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