Coronation Street fans are stunned by the value of Fiz and Tyrone’s home

CORONATION Street fans were stunned on Friday when the value of Fiz and Tyrone’s home was revealed.

Viewers learned how much No 9 was worth after Tyrone (Alan Halsall) agreed to sell the property as Do (Jennie McAlpine) was passed on to her by Jack and Vera Duckworth.


Fiz told Tyrone she wanted to sell Jack and Vera’s house
Jack and Vera left the house to Tyrone but Fiz put money in it


Jack and Vera left the house to Tyrone but Fiz put money in it1 credit

Fiz got an appraisal from an estate agent, after telling Tyrone she needed the money she had invested in the house over the years to help with renovations to her new home with Phil.

The estate agent delighted Fiz when he told her the price would be between £150,000 and £175,000.

However, people at home said he went way beyond that.

One person tweeted: ‘I’m no estate agent but this place isn’t worth £150k it’s stuck in the 80s.

Another viewer scoffed: ‘£150,000 I don’t think’, while a third person remarked: ‘£175 vs. £175,000.’

Someone else tweeted: “£175k for Fizz’s house? I knew Co-Op and Costa coffee were signs Weatherfield was gentrified! |

All of Fiz’s frustrations are unleashed this week on Coronation Street when she comes face to face with her nemesis and knocks him out.

At the start of the week, Ruby tells Tyrone and Evelyn that Jade used makeup to cover Hope’s arms with fake bruises.

However, it occurs to Tyrone that Dr Gaddas would have seen Hope two days later without bruising, which social worker Christine confirms with the GP.

Meanwhile, when Hope and Ruby fight over a toy purse, a cell phone falls out and Tyrone reads Jade’s messages to Hope promising they’ll be together soon.

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Later, with all charges against her dropped, Fiz is allowed to return home. Ruby is thrilled to see her, but Hope runs upstairs to phone Jade and ask if they can still leave together.

The next morning, Tyrone and Fiz realize in horror that Hope is missing, and after a police search of Jade’s home turns up nothing, Fiz bursts in, convinced that she’s holding Hope hostage in the loft!

Fiz discovers a bag containing clothes, passports and one-way ferry tickets to France and fears that Hope has been kidnapped.

However, back home, Fiz finds Jade alone.

Assuming the worst, she hits her on the head with a cutting board! Tyrone walks in on his partner looming over Jade, who is cold on the floor.

As the couple discuss their next move, they are disconcerted to see that Jade has disappeared, leaving a bloodstain on the carpet.

Later, the police arrived at No 9 and questioned Fiz about an attack on Jade in which she suffered head injuries and was found unconscious.

Tyrone agreed to sell No.9


Tyrone agreed to sell No.9
Fiz Stape of Coronation Street asks Tyrone Dobbs to sell Jack and Vera’s house

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