‘Cuddly Pete’ shows a softer image by offering free hugs at Queen Street Mall

Determined to prove he really does have a softer side, new Opposition Leader Peter Dutton – or ‘Cuddly Pete’ as his friends and colleagues call him – was pictured giving free hugs to shoppers at the Brisbane’s Queen Street shopping center this weekend.

Shouting “Line up neatly for your free hug,” Dutton implored passers-by to take up his offer. “I am a sweet and kind human being! Look how tender and loving I am! he shouted as shoppers crossed the road to avoid him.

Colleagues, friends and journalists who know the Liberal MP personally insist that the real Peter Dutton is funnier, kinder and more compassionate than his public persona would suggest. Dutton’s office said the visit to the mall was a chance for him to show voters that more authentic side of his personality.

“I’m compassionate, kind and funny!” roared Dutton, as the tour dragged into its second hour. ” Come cuddle with me ! It’s free!”

As of press time, no voters had accepted the generous offer.

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