Daily Mail: Liverpool players angry at UEFA decision ahead of Champions League final

The English press has revealed that Liverpool players were angry at the European Football Association’s decision ahead of the Champions League final.

The French capital, Paris, will host the match of the two teams in the final of the Champions League, season 2021/22, on Saturday evening.

And the English newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ has reported that Liverpool players are unhappy with UEFA over their decision not to celebrate on the pitch with their families if they win the Champions League final.

UEFA told the same newspaper that ‘security reasons’ were behind the Stade de France ban, although it has become common for children of players to enter the pitch in many sports.

The Liverpool players’ families joined them at Anfield last Sunday in the Premier League final round, having beaten Wolverhampton but failed to win the title.

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It was hoped that they could celebrate together if they win their third league of the season, if they win the Champions League tomorrow.

To add to the anger of the players, the allocation of Liverpool tickets to their families is far less than those of Real Madrid, as 382 tickets have been identified for all Reds players and staff, as the club is determined to manufacture as many tickets as possible. available to fans.

On the other hand, Real Madrid players were allowed to purchase up to 25 tickets each.

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