‘Disgusting’: Alleged assault on Liberal candidate under investigation by NSW Police

There is an ‘active investigation’ by NSW Police into the alleged assault of Paterson Liberal candidate Brooke Vitnell by a Labor volunteer.

“Look, I’ve had a disgusting campaign here at Paterson HQ…things have been very dirty for several weeks now,” Ms Vitnell told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“I had a very ugly run-in with a Labor volunteer once on Sunday setting up a pre-vote office again.

“This Labor volunteer, when I was putting up the placard, staked my hand, putting a placard in front of my placard.”

She said the Labor volunteer then followed her for 18 minutes, ‘making degrading comments, insults and saying a lot of obscene profanity’.

She also said Labor members and volunteers were targeting her own volunteers and her family.

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