Does Apex Legend Mobile support controllers?

Apex Legends Mobile with controller

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Apex Legends Mobile is the latest major shooter to hit the mobile scene. A frequently asked question is whether or not the game supports controllers. The short answer is yes, it does. However, there is more than that. We’ll go over Apex Legends Mobile controller support and other stuff.


Apex Legends Mobile supports controllers, but only semi-officially. The developers said the global launch will not support controllers, but they are working on it. However, players have found some controllers to work well in Apex Legends Mobile. There are also controller settings in the menu, so there is controller support.


How to Enable Controller Support in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay ADS

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There is no toggle to enable controller support in Apex Legends Mobile. Your controller should activate automatically when you connect it. We recommend that you start a shooting range instance so that you can test your controller before entering a real match.

Virtual controls remain enabled even when a controller is connected. You can however change this by modifying the virtual controller. You can do this by entering Settingsso Controlsand pressing the Custom layout button. You can resize, move, and reduce the opacity of on-screen elements to get them out of your way.

The game includes three controller layouts, so you can keep the usual layout and have a second layout that moves everything away from your controller. The game supports up to three virtual HUD layouts.

What controllers are supported in Apex Legends Mobile?

xbox x series vs s series controllers

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Unfortunately, this list is quite short. We expect it to grow over time, but here’s everything you need to work with for now. The links take you to Amazon if you want to buy one of the controllers.

Please note that even these controllers seem to be random with some people. In some cases, a controller works on iOS but not Android or vice versa, so support for the above controllers is flimsy at best. We tested with the Xbox Series X controller and it worked fine. However, our tests with a Moga XP5-X Plus showed less than desirable results. It did not work.

Once an official list of supported controllers is released, we will update this list.

How to remap controller buttons in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends 1 mobile menu controller

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Although the developers say there is no official controller support at global launch, there are settings for you to configure your controller.

  • To open Settings from the main screen.
  • On the right side, press the Controller v1.0 option.
  • Go to the Controller v1.0 part of the Settings.
  • Under the Button tab, press the Custom layout button.
  • Tap the order you want to edit. When highlighted, press the button on your controller to change it to this button.
  • If the button you want is already assigned a different action, the game will swap the two. For example, the reload is Square and the crouch is O. If you set the reload to O, the crouch will be automatically remapped to Square.

How to set up your controller in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends 2 Mobile Menu Controller

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the Controller v1.0 part of the settings has three tabs. The first is Button and we describe how it works above. The other two are Basic and Camera which allows you to further customize your controller. Here’s what each thing does.


  • Joystick dead zone (movement) – This controls how much you can move your joystick before it is recognized as a move in-game. This setting is for the left joystick only.
  • Cursor Sensitivity – This controls the in-game cursor and can help speed up things like loot selection.
  • Global Sensitivity Scale — That’s what you think, a global general sensitivity setting.
  • Vertical sensitivity scale — This is a general sensitivity adjustment, but it only applies to the Y axis (up and down).
  • FPP without ADS — This setting allows you to adjust the sensitivity of your joysticks in first person mode when not aiming down sights.
  • TPP without ADS — This is the same as above except for third person mode.
  • 1x-10x optical ads — The game allows you to adjust your sensitivity based on weapon zoom. There are options for 1x (iron sights), 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x and 10x. You can adjust each zoom range individually to fine-tune your experience with each weapon type.


  • Joystick dead zone (rotation) — This controls how much you can move your joystick before it is recognized as movement. This one only applies to the right stick.
  • External threshold – This setting dictates the maximum amount of joystick movement before the game recognizes it as movement. A useful in-game graph shows you the difference between this and the deadzone when you adjust the two, but it’s only available under the Camera tongue.
  • Additional rotation speed — This setting allows you to add additional camera rotation speed if desired.
  • Additional rotation speed Vertical zoom — This is the same as Extra Rotation Speed, but for vertical zoom.
  • Additional ramp-up time — The game gives you the possibility to make the movements disappear so that they are less jerky. This setting adjusts the time it takes for the rotation speed of the right stick to reach its maximum sensitivity.
  • Additional ramp-up delay — This setting further refines the crossfade motion effect for even less jerky motion.

It’s honestly quite nice to see such fine controls in a mobile game. Those with controllers certainly have an advantage over on-screen control players. We recommend using Firing Range Mode to test out any adjustments you make before jumping into a real game to make sure everything is working as expected. Also, don’t forget to press the Sync with cloud button to save your settings.


Why is my controller not working??

The most likely answer is that it is not yet supported. Many people have problems even with the controllers listed above. At the moment there is not much you can do. You can try disconnecting and reconnecting the controller, closing and opening the game, and restarting your device. However, we believe the developers will fix and add better controller support in a future update.

Is my controller supported?

The answer is probably not yet, but it doesn’t hurt to load up a gun range game and try it out yourself. If it works, leave a comment and let us know.

What are the best controller settings for Apex Legends Mobile?

This is a difficult question to answer because every player is different. We recommend playing around with a few things, running a Firing Range instance to test, and tweaking until you’re happy with it.

Do I have a competitive advantage with a controller?

It depends. Some people are really good at playing three or four fingers with on-screen controls, and they’ll give you what you pay for. However, it’s much easier to use a controller for beginners and intermediate players, so yes, it can give you an edge.

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