Dog owner stunned as pet tries to eat ‘alien scraps’ found on UK beach

Amy Ayobowen, 42, was walking her dog on Egremont Beach in Wallasey during the afternoon when her curious dog started sniffing an otherworldly sea creature

Dog walker was stunned to find her dog munching on the remains of an otherworldly creature on a UK beach
Dog walker was stunned to find her dog munching on the remains of an otherworldly creature on a UK beach

A dog walker worried her pet munched on “alien remains” after she came across a bizarre-looking creature on a UK beach.

Amy Ayobowen, 42, was walking her dog yesterday afternoon on Egremont beach in Wallasey, Merseyside.

She then saw her dog take an interest in the strange object lying on the sand and sniff it.

Not knowing who the creature was, she took to a community Facebook page where she asked people to help her identify it.

She wrote: “Can anyone reassure me that my dog ​​didn’t try to eat alien scraps this afternoon on the beach ???”

People quickly flocked to the comments, with the general consensus being that these were the remains of a spoke.

She was baffled by her discovery on Egremont beach in Wallasey, Wirral


Liverpool ECHO)

Many users believed it to be a ‘thorny stingray’, often found in UK waters.

People flocked to the comments section with their guesses as to what the mysterious creature was, with many suggesting that it was likely the “remnants of a ray”, and more specifically a “thorn ray”.

One woman said, “Sounds scary, could it be some kind of fish skeleton?” “

Sharing the image of a skeletal structure, one man said: “This is a thorny ray, here is the skeleton”.

Another local man joked, “Deffo an alien, if anything comes out of your dog tonight, kill him with fire.”

People thought the leftovers were probably a ray



Others have shared their own photos of the suspicious stingray they spotted on the same beach before Amy’s post.

Amy has confirmed that although her dog “nibbled” on the mysterious object, he is fine.

She told ECHO: “It’s probably not the worst thing he’s eaten! It’s made of solid stuff!

Thorny rays are found around all of British coasts and have a distinctive kite-shaped body.

They can also be recognized by their spotted brown or gray backs and their collection of “thorns” on their backs and tails.

There are around 20 types of stingrays and rays in UK waters, many of which are quite rare and certainly not often washed up on beaches.

However, this sighting isn’t the only unusual-looking creature to wash up on the beaches of Wirral.

Late last year, a warning was issued after the Portuguese Man O’Wars, also known as the Blue Bottle Jellyfish (although not a jellyfish), ran aground on the shores of the Merseyside in November.

The sea creatures, which have been spotted on Caldy Beach, can have tentacles as long as 100 feet and are very poisonous.

Merseyside beaches are also notorious for spotting “monster” jellyfish, with annual warnings often issued to remind those who see one to “not be tempted to touch them” as they can sting. be dead or alive.

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