Donald Trump applauds ‘JD Mandel’ endorsement, confusing Ohio Senate candidates JD Vance, Josh Mandel

No one seems more surprised by Donald Trump’s endorsement of JD Vance for the Ohio Senate than the former president himself, who on Sunday appeared not to know the former Never-Trumper’s name. Speaking at a “Save America” rally in Nebraska in support of Charles Herbster, a Republican gubernatorial candidate accused of sexually assaulting eight women, Trump sang to a crowd: “You know, we approved the Dr Oz. We approved—JP, right? JD Mandel, and he’s doing great. They’re all fine. Trump appeared to confuse the names of Ohio Republican primary candidates Josh Mandel, whom he did not endorse, and JD Vance, whom he (reluctantly) did. Mandel, a former Ohio state treasurer running on a pro-Trump platform, was long presumed to be the frontrunner in a crowded primary field until the former president released his endorsement of Vance on last month. “In the great state of Ohio, the most qualified and poised candidate to win in November is JD Vance,” Trump’s April 15 statement said. “We can’t play games. It’s all about winning!” With the primary coming up on May 3, Trump may want to cool off with a rousing series of “Guess Who: Ohio Senator Edition.”

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