Donald Trump defends Covid boosters, castigates ‘ruthless’ politicians who won’t reveal vaccine status

Former US President Donald Trump lambasted politicians for refusing to reveal simple information.

Former US President Donald Trump has once again vigorously defended Covid booster injections and accused some of his fellow politicians of being “reckless” for refusing to tell the public if they had received one.

In an interview with One America News host Dan Ball this week, Mr. Trump claimed that “people don’t die when they take the vaccine,” echoing comments made in a recent interview with the Daily Wire host Candace Owen.

“The vaccine is one of the greatest achievements of mankind,” said Mr. Trump, claiming responsibility for the rapid deployment of vaccines.

“I came up with a vaccine, with three vaccines,” Trump said.

“All of them are very, very good. I found three in less than nine months. It was to take 5 to 12 years.

Ball referred to the U.S. Post-Beating Adverse Reaction Database, asking the former president if he had ever reconsidered his stance on promoting vaccinations although the issue remains a contentious point in American politics.

“Now, after so many months of getting the vaccine and these side effects, and Americans’ questions [sic] of it, are you reconsidering your push for this? Or what’s your take on the vaccine in general? Ball asked.

“Well, I took it,” replied Mr. Trump.

“I got the recall. Many politicians – I watched a few politicians being interviewed and one of the questions was, “Did you get the recall? “- because they had the vaccine – and they answer like – in other words, the answer is” yes “but they don’t want to say it.

“Because they’re gutsy. You have to say it whether you have it or not. Say it. But the point is, I think vaccines have saved tens of millions of people around the world. I had absolutely no side effects.

Mr. Trump, 75, made similar comments in the Owens interview, saying he truly believes current vaccines dramatically reduce a person’s chances of being hospitalized or dying from Covid.

“If they get it, most of them don’t go to the hospital and will die,” Mr. Trump said. “Before, it was a horror. and now they are not.

US experts believe Trump’s comments were aimed at potential GOP presidential candidate Ron Desantis, who has been far less enthusiastic about promoting vaccines than the New York billionaire.

DeSantis reportedly received the Johnson & Johnson single-shot vaccine last year, but did not address the subject of the booster shots when asked in an interview with Fox News in December.

“I did everything that I did, the normal shot, and that at the end of the day is people’s individual decisions on what they want to do,” said DeSantis.

The US press has polled Mr DeSantis ‘camp for further information on his position on the vaccine, although he has repeatedly stated that he believes the matter should be kept private and depends on individuals’ personal choice. .

“I am not aware of the governor’s private medical decisions and am unable to share information on his recall status,” spokeswoman Christina Pushaw told Politico.

“Governor DeSantis has always said that vaccination (and by extension, boosters) should be a personal choice, and anyone with questions or concerns should consult with a health care provider.”

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