Don’t Cancel Vaccination Appointments After COVID Infection: Experts

CHEO also advises parents that their children should receive a second dose after symptoms of a recent infection have resolved.

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Health experts are advising people not to cancel vaccination appointments just because they have had a recent infection with COVID-19.

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A booster dose of the vaccine “can be received as soon as you are finished your isolation and all your symptoms are gone,” Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore said this week. Under current Ontario rules, people who have received two doses of the vaccine can end isolation after five days if their symptoms have resolved.

Dr Gerald Evans, chairman of the division of infectious diseases and professor in the department of medicine at Queen’s University in Kingston, said experts recommend people receive boosters as soon as possible for additional protection against serious illness.

“I know a lot of people who have had two doses then Omicron, are wondering why they should bother,” Evans said.

He says it’s likely that a breakthrough infection in more than two doses of vaccine will provide high protection against Omicron, but there are still a few cases of Delta and, if another variant presents itself, a booster would offer better protection than. ‘a previous infection.

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