Drunk driver accused of trying to go down stairs said she was tracking GPS, cops say

A woman accused of driving while intoxicated has accused her GPS of trying to descend the stairs of a police station, officers said.

The 26-year-old drove through the police department’s garage and through their “pedestrian plaza” in Portland, Maine, the Portland Police Department said in a Facebook post on Saturday, April 30.

She then tried to drive her SUV down a flight of stairs onto the street, police said.

Officials released photos showing the woman's SUV stuck on the stairs at the police department.

Officials released photos showing the woman’s SUV stuck on the stairs in the police department.

The woman told officers she was following her GPS instructions, police said.

“But responding officers believed it was his excessive blood alcohol level,” the police department wrote.

The driver, who has not been named, received “a summons for YES”.

“We’re lucky she didn’t hit anyone and it ended with just a small amount of property damage,” police said. “Please don’t drink and drive.”

No other information about the incident had been released as of Sunday May 1.

Portland is about 56 miles southwest of Augusta.

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