Dubai guard steals AED430,000 from restaurant using toy gun

A restaurant guard in Dubai has been jailed after he stole AED430,000 using a toy gun as a weapon.

The 31-year-old African guard threatened to kill the restaurant manager while holding the toy gun as he went to collect his monthly salary. He then stole a bag containing AED430,000 from the restaurant’s accountant and fled the scene.

Dubai Police tracked him down where he was found with AED21,000 on him. He later confessed that he’d sent the rest of the money back to his family.

He’s been sentenced to one year in jail followed by deportation.

Dubai Police first force in the world to release NFTs

Dubai Police have jumped on the NFT and Blockchain bandwagon by releasing 150 NFTs that ‘symbolize the force’s values ​​of innovation, security and communication.’

And in doing so, they’ve become the first police force in the world to release their own NFTS.

Honestly, it all sounds a little like NFTs have jumped the shark when Police forces join in and think they’re at the cutting edge of technology.

Still, if you want to get your own Non fungible token the Dubai Police are at least giving theirs away for free. To get yours, simply head to their Twitter account and send a direct message with your Name, Email, and NFT wallet address.

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