“Education”: announcement of high school results next Monday

Dina Johnny (Dubai) –

The Emirates Foundation for School Education has announced that results for the first semester of the 2021-2022 school year for all three stages of education will be announced gradually, starting at the start of the week. The results will be available to students in Cycle Three on Monday January 10, Cycle Two on Tuesday January 11 and Cycle One on Wednesday January 12, at the same time at three in the afternoon.
Students will be able to print their academic certificates on the same day of their announcement, depending on each seminar and the date of announcement of the result of their application, from ten in the evening until six in the morning daily for reasons techniques and techniques.
“Taaleem” has asked school administrations to make every effort to receive any feedback on student or parent performance, until January 21, 2022, at most, through approved communication channels.
“Education” has identified three categories that are not included in the submission of objection requests: requests for the granting of an alternative examination opportunity for cases of absence from end of semester and compensation exams, requests for the granting of an alternative opportunity to modify the percentage to be applied for enrollment in higher education institutions, and requests for classification of students with determination after the issuance of the end of semester result. She pointed out that the school principal can view the details of any student’s result through the “Swift Access” and “Al Manhal” system and discuss it with parents, with the need to provide them with clear answers. and decisive.
In the event that the principal of the school considers that one of the cases of examination of a pupil’s results necessitates addressing the establishment, this is done only through the intermediary of the administration of the school and establishment, without parents having to go to the establishment’s headquarters or its branches. . The Foundation will communicate directly with school principals through approved communication channels. In its letter to the public schools, “Taaleem” provided the data of the staff of the institution concerned with communicating with the schools concerning the results, according to the various public and private school branches.
Taaleem confirmed that the school principal’s authority in the ‘Swift Access’ system is limited to reviewing the students’ performance report at the end of the semester, providing them with support, knowing what skills are missing, and addressing them. make it more effective to touch the reality of the educational process in the field, with the aim of giving a precise picture of the academic and cognitive progress of the students during the three semesters. The certificates will be descriptive in letters only for students in grades 1 through 11, and will not include a final grade point average for the student.
As for the mechanism for obtaining the student performance evaluation card for the end of the approved first semester, it will be by printing and downloading from the student’s electronic file, during the specified period, and it is officially approved for use inside and outside the country. The quarterly scorecard is printed on high quality white A4 paper using a color printer.


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